Do newborn Babies sweat ?

The nurse told me at the hospital when my baby was born that newborn babies don't sweat till they are older. even my husband told me this true?
I thought they could, my babies have adjectives felt 'clammy' or sweaty as newborns. Not with sweat pouring stale them but definately have had clammy skin in the summer time Source(s): mum of 3
Do babies sweat?

Babies are born with sweat glands, and they perspire to bring their body heat down when they get overheated, as adults do. Unlike adult sweat, however, baby perspiration isn't stinky. "The apocrine glands, which are related to body odor and clustered in the underarm, nipple, and groin, don't turn on until puberty," explains Dee Anna Glaser, MD, vice chairman of the department of dermatology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.
mine sweated..
It's true that their glands aren't fully developed however so, no they aren't supposed to sweat. However, my little man has been a sweaty guy from day one.

Edit: I stand corrected. I've other been told otherwise though. My bad!
deff not true my daughter is a sweat hog when she sleeps to where her hair is wet and her foot are always clammy
yes they do, at smallest mines did.

i was BFing him with a blanket on and i guess he was over heat cuz he started sweating.. a lot! poor guy ): this was when he was 2 weeks weak
I noticed my son didn't really start to sweat until he was around 6 months hoary. Then it was along his hair line and that be about it. It was always a "clammy" passion. Now, he is 13 months and does sweat, still mostly along his hairline in the back of his head.
yea my son was sweaty in the hospital after he be born, i couldnt even swaddle him he got way way to hot!! it be awful!
Answers:    Yes, they do.

"It can be conventional for some newborns to sweat a lot, most commonly from over bundling or overdressing the baby or keeping the house too thaw. Many babies spend most of their time sleeping (as many as 16 hours a day), and during their deepest part of sleep, they may sweat enough to involve a clothing change. To help limit this sweating, you want to get sure that you put your baby to sleep in light, cotton clothes contained by a room that is not overly warm."…

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