Does THC overrun through breast milk.?

I am not planning to smoke while I am breast feeding.
EVERYTHING passes through breast milk!!

you seriously need to grow up!
Yeah, it is.
"The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, will be stored in mom's margarine tissues for long periods (weeks to months) and will build up in the body with continued use. Small to moderate secretion into breastmilk have been documented, and THC is concentrated in human milk. According to Hale, analysis of breastmilk from chronic heavy users indicated an eight-fold concentration surrounded by milk compared to mom's blood plasma, however the dose received by baby was insufficient to produce significant side effects. Studies have shown significant digestion and metabolism in infants, although long term effects have not be shown"…
YES it does.
If it is in your body, it can be passed to your little one, even if you aren't smoking during breastfeeding.
its still in your body, it takes a month or so before its totally out of your body. but wow, did you smoke while you be pregnant? if so then i guess it don't matter, does it? poor kid.
Yes, and it will defiantly hushed your baby down.
Answers:    Pretty much what you eat, what you drink, what you smoke and everything else you do you can pass on to your child.So I guess the answer to your give somebody the third degree in my opinion would be yes. You should also remember that you have the dexterity to make choices and decisions for yourself that a child does not have so you might want to run that into consideration before you make any decisions that your child may hold to suffer from in his/her future. Good luck and I hope that you make responsible decision for both you and your innocent baby... I hope that I answered your question and helped you out even rather..Samantha Source(s): opinion/experience

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