Baby Footprints at the Hospital?

Im in my 36 week of pregnancy and its getting close so i am prepring everything for the big day. I was wondering nearly the baby footprints and photos the hospital does after the baby is born. do you get the copy or do they maintain it? i hope its not a dumb question but its my firsrt baby and i want to know and make sure of everything. do i have need of to bring the baby book? or do they give me a copy?
Our hospital does the footprints & they gave us a little yellow pass with the footprints on there. They also will stamp Daddy's shirt with you little ones footprints if you want... my husband did :) Source(s): .o:☆*''*☆:o.αll§o.o:☆*''*☆:o.
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I live in FL, and the birth certificate here dont have footprints or hand prints, the hospital did sell kit to do them though, so we bought a set.

There was a service that came by to take photos too, that be another charge, we did it and bought announcements and i got a nice locket for about $50 total, everything, not too bad.

So check near our hospital ahead of time so you come prepared, I asked all of those questions on my hospital tour. So i knew what $$ to bring surrounded by.
No footprints be taken at my son's birth. Apparently, not all hospitals/states do or require this. There was a woman floating around the maternity floor taking photos for money but we have plenty of cameras. The hospital did not take any photos of my child at birth of which I am aware. My husband took them.
You usually attain a copy of the foot prints. As for the First Photos, they are a keepsake you have to BUY!! (take a credit card) Which hospital are you going to deliver at? Look on to see if your hospital is served by them, of if they use another company. Take a cute outfit in a PREEMIE size, as the 0-3 size is way too big the majority of the time!
my hospital stopped doing footprints. are you sure yours does it? i had to find imprinting kit and did them myself.
Yeah they give you a copy :)

ETA: You know what I wished I did? They own those molding things you can buy, its really cheap, and you can put the babys feet and hand prints in it- they will do it at the hospital for you if you bring it. I need I had did that.
Answers:    Most hospitals give you a copy. You can nick your baby book-I wish I would have-and have them stamp the foot in it while they are stamping the other footprints!! Good luck-not much longer to go!!

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