How soon can you drink after have a infant?

How soon can you drink after having a baby?
As long as you're not breast feeding, soak up your margaritas! Hush up Camanda-after 9 months of carrying a baby we ALL deserve a break once in a while!
ive hear some women have a glass of champagne right after they give birth, even if they are breast feed they can have a small glass, but only one.
you should drink alot, scarcely at all if you are breast feeding. you can have a few every in a minute and then, but you should wait until youre done breast feeding to drink.
if youre not breast feed you can start drinking right away.
Ugh going out to party after having a baby? how responsible is that?your a mom very soon girl whats your problem? Kiss that party life goodbye or at least until your newborn is older.
If you are breast feeding, you can't drink at all. But if you aren't I would wait a few days at least possible until most of the bleeding subsides because alcohol is a blood thinner and it could cause more blood loss that normal. Also, if you are on any pain medication, it could be dangerous to drink.
Answers:    My husband took me to a bar surrounded by our neighborhood and bought me a Manhattan about 9 days after I gave birth. I had given up alcohol completely for pregnancy and have promised myself a nice drink. I was breastfeeding/pumping/supplementing, but a single drink while out for an hour with the baby at home near his grandparents won't hurt anything.

The only disadvantage was that I still looked pregnant, as you frequently do that soon after birth and the bartender gave me a dirty look. But doesn`t matter what. ;)

Edited: I expect that most of the people criticizing you aren't actually moms. Most women who've survived pregnancy and childbirth understand why a woman would want a nice drink. And deserve one.
As soon as, even if you are bf you can have a few, but i didnt want to and still dont and my son is 6 months out-of-date
If you are breastfeeding, you shouldn't drink at all. Everything you eat or drink, the little one eats or drinks. If you are not breast feeding them you can celebrate next to a drink in the hospital if you wanted to.
As soon as you completely stop breast feeding. Alcohol can harm infants merely as much while they are breast feeding as drinking while still in the womb can.
wow that would be the last thing on my mind
if you arent breast feeding or on any medication right away
As long as you're not breastfeeding than right away. Even then, it's okay to drink just don't breastfeed within a time to be safe. I'd pump it and store it for that small period of time.

I did not breastfeed so I could have right away but I'm not that much of a drinker anyways. My first drink be about 3 weeks after my daughter was born. I am on bowling team and every drinks pretty much when we bowl lol. I solitary had 1 or 2 mixed drinks with a 4 hour period of time because it still feel so weird and it made me feel like a "bad" mommy. She be safe at home with her daddy though so it wasn't as bad as I be making it to be.

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