Mirena strings too far down? Did it move or is it common?

I've had mirena IUD place in February, since than I have not have a problem with it except for spotting. Well this Saturday I felt pinch in my stomach freshly like the one I felt when mirena was place. I started getting cramping right after this happen I went to the bathroom and the string are way lower than usual. I use to have to shift searching for them and now as soon as I put my finger in at hand (TMI) Well i would like to know if this has happened to anyone?Did you turn to the dr? what did dr say? I have a appointment a Monday but What if I have sex near my husband would the strings make holes in the condom? or should we just hold of until after I see the dr?

Also I hold been spotting since Friday Could the mirena have move because I am spotting. I know this is wrong section but I numeral a lot of Mommy's must have mirena
Sometime the body can expel the IUD - this usually happens within the first six months and to be exact why they tell you to check it often. The body sees it as a foreign invader and tries to see it out. Call the doctor and do not have sex until you are seen. Depending on where the T have formed at it could damage your cervix and there is always the possibility of pregnancy (that is where on earth my 2nd baby came from - when i noticed it - it be too late)
I wouldn't hold sex until you know for sure it's in place. If its lower than it should be, its possible it could get moved again during sex.

I would go to the doctor though. I've other had to search for my strings, and still do. I also haven't felt anything approaching the cramps during insertion. Ive had some cramps on and off since I got it put in(in Nov) but nil like that.

Good luck! I hope everything is okay! :)
Answers:    I have have a Mirena IUD in place since late March. In the first two and a half months, I did occasionally touch the cramping sensation that you are describing. Hoverer, my strings have always stayed in matching place. The cramping could mean that your IUD has shifted, but probably not. This is a relatively normal side effect to experience during the first few months after placement (so is spotting). My doctor did communicate me that your string can become wrapped around your cervix and that can cause it to feel shorter. Having sex and using tampons can either produce them to wrap around or become unwraped. As long as you can not feel the actal IUD, it is probably in the correct place. If your cramping or bleeding is significantly more sever then usual, it is a great thought to get it checked. He also said that if you believe your IUD has shifted to not have sex until it have been checked because pregnancy will become more likley if it has infact shifted. Always better safe than sorry... Source(s): My doctor.
It may be lower than usual... I myself enjoy never felt the strings but I still have a lot of bleeding and get it a month ago.

And from time to time I get the cramps and pinches you're talking about but mine is still exceptionally new.

I think you should get it checked out.

It is possible it could engineer a hole in the condom but I doubt it.
It sounds like it may have shifted some. I would call for up your docctor tomorrow and see what he/she says about it. They may want you to come in so they can take a better idea of what's going on. I wouldn't do anything sexual until you at least talk to your doctor.

I have Mirena but I could never feel the strings myself. My husband could while having sex but they eventually curled up and got "out of reach".
Sounds like the Mirena isn't in the position it used to be. I'm one of those woman who can't get the Mirena because my body rejects it. I've have it placed twice and both times I felt contraction like cramps, checked to see if it was still contained by place and both time the Mirena came out within two days of placement. The first day I checked to see if it be in place and the next day I checked the strings be ALOT lower so i tried to reach up there a little more (TMI) lately to see if I could feel anything and I could just barely touch the Mirena itself. Good Luck. I wouldn't own sex If you didn't want to get preggers just to be on the safe side. God Bless

The first time it come out of place the doc just put another one in and the second time the doctor told me my body rejected it and I should try another type of birth control.

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