When i breast pump. my milk ONLY comes out for the first 5 min and its simply 1 - 2 oz,?

is there anything i could do so that i have enough milk at least possible 4-5 oz
sounds familiar. remember, breastmilk production is a "supply and demand" function. the more you feed/pump, the more your output will be and eventually become.

ok, FIRST RULE OF THUMB that i other tell my patients is this, PUMPING SHOULD ONLY BEGIN WHEN BREASTFEEDING IS WELL ESTABLISHED because during the first 2-3 weeks, you body is only beginning to acquire "into gear."

i remember my cousin, because she didn't know that this was how our bodies worked, she said, "my gosh, at first i had nothing, so i kept on pumping/feeding respectively hour like you suggested, but then, my breasts became so full, so i kept on pumping and pumping and it in recent times produced more and more milk and i didn't know how to make it stop!" the more you feed and the more you pump, the more abundant your supply will become. profoundly of my other patients say, "i pump for about 5 mins and then after that, i don't produce anymore milk to be pumped." in good health, what i tell them is this, "ok, leave the pump on for at least another 5 more minutes and you'll seize something called 'second rush.' " see if that works for you. all of my patients that i've instructed to do this have have success.

good luck to you and congratulations on choosing to nourish your child with only the best. aloha!

p.s. caffeine has other been a big no-no, since it is secreted in your milk supply, BUT on the upside, it does indeed have an effect on milk production, contained by that you will be able to produce more milk, though science has not been competent to zero in on why this is the effect. not that in any bearing i am telling you to do this, and especially do not do this on a regular/daily basis, but for me personally, when i be in a pinch for quick production, i'd take down more or less 1/4 of a can of regular Coke and sure enough, an hour later, my breasts would be very full of milk.
Only getting 1-2 ounces can be normal for most women. Are you using a double electric hospital grade pump? This could help. Also in the past pumping try heat and massage onto your breast. When pumping think almost happy thoughts - you need release of oxytocin in proclaim to have let downs. You can pump for 7 minutes stop for 7 minnutes then pump for another 7 minutes stop and do it again - this may facilitate as well.
Of course the baby nursing off from the breast can find a lot more out then this.
i think we can use both breasts, but i would actually like to know that myself since i individual have 4 months to go
Are you pumping to build a stash or pumping exclusively?

If you are pumping to lately have some on hand, then 1-2 oz is pretty righteous if you are just beginning. You should be pumping after baby eat, so it makes sense to only get that much.

What I did at the genesis of pumping was pump one side while my son fed on the other. I got the most that instrument. But make sure you let baby nurture on the side you pumped afterwards.
Pump with your tot in the same room. This will stimulate you, without knowing it. Either that or hold a picture of your baby with you when you are pumping. I have also hear to drink a beer, just one, the hopps in beer help produce your milk flow.
Eat lots of oatmeal and drink lots of water..if you don't get more, contact the La Leache League for some helpful tips, but you may be close to I was..I couldn't hardly get out any milk no issue how hard I tried, and they ended up making me quit and go to formula because my daughter wasn't getting plenty, but try those ideas first because they are known to work.
Answers:    How old is your baby? How long have you be pumping? What time of day do you pump?

If your baby is less than a month antediluvian, remember that your baby's belly is very tiny. A few ounces is a good feed, and if you're nursing directly, a child is far more efficient at getting milk than a pump. Pumping is not a good indicator of what your baby is in actual fact getting.

If you are pumping in between feedings, this is a good amount to be getting as well. If you are pumping contained by the evening, remember that your supply slows down near the end of the day. Try pumping after your baby's first morning feed. It makes a big difference! For example, I am exclusively breast feeding my 4 month old. In between feedings, I can pump an ounce and a partly only. Before bed, I can pump anywhere from 2-4 ounces, depending. In the morning, he usually feeds from one breast, then I pump the other and gain 6-7 ounces every time.

Also, even if nothing more is coming out after 5 minutes, keep the pump going for another 5. Sometimes you'll be surprised by a second let down.

The most earth-shattering thing you can do, even more than taking herbs or staying hydrated, is to nurse, nurse, nurse. Put your baby to breast directly as recurrently as possible and your supply will increase.

Good luck!
I have the same thing happen to me! The elder my baby got the harder it got for me to form bottles cause he started wanting at least 5oz and it took hours to make one bottle! The with the sole purpose thing you can do is just keep pumping longer and more repeatedly!
I tried to breastfeed my son, my heart was so set on it, but sadly his sugar dropped too low cuz he wasn't getting enough from me. (I have gestational Diabetes so don't worry about ur babies sugar) So they had to supply him a bottle. The doctor had a nurse give me a pump and told me to pump every 2 hours to get my supply up. I be getting about 3-4oz after awhile. Also eating oatmeal may help ur supply. It take time and patients.

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