Should the tot be picked up everytime he cries?

i think this will spoil him but then again i wouldn't think newborn cry unless there is a reason! But i really don't want my son thinking everytime he cries im going pick him up and feed him. Parents warning is needed here!
newborns only way of communication is to cry and they do usually enjoy a reason. if you have checked all the evident, nappy, food, temperature try soothing without picking up by either stimulating next to a toy in his line of sight or newly your soothing voice.
that way he is getting attention but will learn that he wont get picked up every time he cries
Babies should always be picked up when they cry. They don't always cry to be feed, sometimes it's for a diaper change, because they are tired, or maybe they just want to be held. There is a huge difference between giving affection and spoiling. A 4 year weak is spoiled when mom gives material things that the child wants similar to cookies or toys. They also become spoiled with inconsistent discipline. A baby can't be spoiled with love and is to youthful to understand discipline so don't worry about it. I held my son every time he needed to be held and at 16 months old he no longer wants to be held 95% of the time. He was a "clingy baby" but who care? It didn't last forever.
Answers:    Babies cry for a reason.

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Short answer: Yes.
As a newborn, of course he should be picked up when he cries. There is ALWAYS a reason for a newborn crying, even if it's just to be held and cuddled and you cannot spoil an infant(or anyone, really) with love and attention. Spoiling is from materialistic items.

If your baby cries after tend to his needs. Most newborns do want to be held quite frequently and to be exact normal and FINE. Being independent on his part will come later but for presently he needs you to meet all his wants, emotional and physical.
Spoil a newborn? Its just learning how to bond beside you! Maybe it has gas, needs to be burped? Maybe the baby have colic? Maybe its still hungry? Enjoy this time, they are only young for so long...Good luck!
You can NOT spoil a newborn or a young child, crying is their only way of letting you know they need something. It could be food, diaper or even a moment ago that they are lonely and need to be held.

Hug and pick up that baby whenever you can, soon they will be older and pushing you away. Source(s): mommy to an 11 month dated
No it will not spoil them you can't spoil a baby. Babies cry when there is something wrong. Its their only agency of communication and if you destroy that then your baby will hold no other way to communicate with you,
I pick my children up when they cry, at that age anyways.

I surface they need to know that someone is there. Letting them cry doesn't teach them anything IMO (we're conversation little baby here)
As newborns its their only form of communication. They may want to basically be held or played with, something could be wrong, hungry, wet, tired. As a parent it's your job to respond to the crying.

You can't spoil a little one.
My son was a very difficult newborn... very intense, always wanting to learn, never needed to sleep, colicky, ear infections a lot (and laying down intensified the pain)... So the first year of my life as his mommy, I spent apt to his needs. If he was fussing and crying, instead of ignoring him and making him discern more frustrated that he's not understood and can't communicate, I'd try different things til I found something that eased his tears.

Sometimes it's simply boredom. Babies can get bored and stipulation stimulation. Everything they learn about language, socialization, trust, mood, etc is based on the parent. They are like this big ball of clay waiting to be molded. When it's time to variety a new figure out of it, they cry for you. If you choose to ignore it, consequently he remains just the ball of clay. There are so many opportunity to sculpt him into an amazing, loving, happy, smart, curious little boy. it's up to you as his mommy... which does require a lot of patience and time. not a soul said it would be easy.

but pick your battles. It depends on his age too. If he's freaking out because you told him he can't play with a chalice ball and you gave him a nerf ball isntead... consequently you say, i understand you wanted that want but it will hurt you, you can hold this instead. And walk away.

Good luck mommy, and hang in within!! these days go by so fast. You'll will that you could go back to having that precious little toddler, and wish you wouldve spent more time holding him and showing him the world!! thats how they learn!! :) Get a wrap or a sling or something if that would be easier for you! that way he can be near you while you do stuff and he can learn how basic things work!
I always pick my newborn up, but that's me.some folks can let them "cry it out", but I can't. I've done this with both of my children and they are fine, not spoiled at all (lol) --- okay, conceivably a little spoiled !!
A newborn doesn't know what spoiled is pick him up every time he just misses being contained by your belly.

News flash: It is impossible to spoil your baby. That’s right, despite what others may say, you can never shower your little one—especially those younger than 6 months old—with too much love or attention. In fact, rendezvous a newborn’s needs to be calmed, coddled and fed in a predictable posture help her feel secure while forging a loving, trusting relationship between parent and child. Source(s):…
I let my son cry sometimes. As long as I know he was not hungry or needing to be changed, crying for five minutes will not do them any harm.

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