What size shoes does your infant wear?

All the tags on shoes seem to be way rotten for our daughter.She's 1 year old, and size 3 shoes (some of them) fit her perfectly but it says she should be wearing much larger. Her foot are really chubby, though, so sometimes the size 3 is fine length wise, but the top of her foot won't actually go into them from the bulge (its pitifully cute). But size 4's are like clown shoes for her still. Do babies usually follow those suggestions? What size does your baby wear?
my baby have big feet like me. i wear a size ten. she is 9 months old and wear a size 4
My son is 10 months and his first pair of shoes (bought at 9 months) are size 4G (G is width fitting... and is pretty wide!). He have some prewalker shoes that are size 3 that still fit him fine though... a few pairs haven't been worn due to the width of his feet... they merely won't fit in!

Can you take her somewhere that does proper shoe fitting for children?

http://www.striderite.com/jump.jsp?itemT… They do wide fittings...
I think my son wears a size 2 at 4 months though I'm not really sure. His foot are pretty fat so it's hard to find shoes that fit, it sounds like you enjoy the same problem. He just goes stripped foot for now.
my baby is solitary 6 months old and size 1 fits just right barely depending on the shoe. however size 2 is a complete lot bigger. dont know what size she will be when shes 1yr. what kind of shoes do you try on her? i would stay away from mary jane shoes because i know that strap on top will be tight on little chubby feet. maybe try flats or sandal?
Their feet grow every second so err on the side of "they'll have something to grow into". This way you're ahead of the winter sport.
My son is only 6 months so doesnt really wear shoes but he is a size 2.
If you take her to a shop where on earth they measure feet to fit shoes, they will measure the span of her foot and you can get a wider size 3.
I have a 17 month old and she wears a size 4 or 5 some shoes are different.
My son is 11 months, and I just bought him his first pair of shoes. I get them at target, and they are size 3-6 months. I thought he would have bigger feet than that...I was totally shocked. Tiny little foot!
Answers:    My son is 14 months and has be a size 5 since he turned 1.
My daughter is 4 months old, and wears a size 1. I got her some shoes that be 3-6months, and they are to big on her.
my daughter is 8 months matured, but is a huge monster been able to fit in 12 month sized clothes since she be 6 months old.. anyway she wears a 3 that fits but 4 will kinda work they are just a touch big but i buy the size 4 instead of 3 cuz they grow up fast!
My daughter is five months and wear a size 0. I have several pairs of size 1's but they are just to big for her.
My newborn is 8 months old and wearing a 3--but it depends on the style. If they're nice and stretchy with shoe laces, usually a 3. But I've have major issues finding him some summer sandals. I've found 1 pair--and I hate the color and style-I just bought them because they fit his chunky little foot. Then the size 4 length wise was WAY too big. Ugh, what can you do... :)
my son is10 months & he wears a 5

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