Why do babies stare at me?

Every time I see a baby he/she is always staring at me & looking at me. It makes me get the impression weird & ugly. They don't smile or anything. Just stare. My friend said they stare at people next to weird facial features. Is that true?
Is that you in the little pic, highlighted rooster looking hairdo, it's cool and adjectives, but maybe a little freaky or "new" to a baby.
Babies like faces -- all kind of faces. It doesn't mean you are ugly or strange or anything is in any way wrong with you. Babies close to to look at what interests them, and they don't know not to stare. Sometimes my son (10 months) will stare FOREVER at someone, and I think most of the time he is just trying to engage the personality. So try smiling and saying hi or something and you may get a smile!
Babies are the rudest people on the planet. They stare at everyone, don't nick offense.
Babies take great interest in everything around them. A few things I have read stated that babies look longer at things and culture of greater 'beauty'. I don't know if it's true or not, but take it as a compliment. =)
Cause your a cutie patootie...They are just trying to figure you out I guess.
Babies stare if they don't know you or don't see you terribly much. They are just curious and looking cause its someone new to look at. Don't verbs it's nothing personal older kids do it too.
Answers:    Baby's love faces! They look at all face and expressions.

Your ok, maybe to them you have a interesting faces. From your avatar I don't regard your ugly :-)

Ignore your friends! And if you smile at the baby that stares, they might just smile backbone!
Babies like to stare at new faces, doesn't niggardly anyone is ugly.
babies stare at everybody because they are new to the world and they are of late learning new things and they are seeing new things and ppl so dont nick it offensive. me and my nephew stare each other for the longest time and i just feel its cute =D

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