Cps and newborn babies?

My sister-n-law wants to know..In florida will cps automatically take her baby if the little one is born positive for marijuana and she test negative. She quit at 27 weeks pregnant, and is due to deliver in 4 days. PLEASE NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS, SHE'S BEATEN HERSELF UP ENOUGH. She have other kids in her home, she works, she has stable living, She is prepared for baby, she have Healthy Start involved. She has not continued to use. Doctors say baby is hygienic so far as they can see. She also has been drug evaluated and she was not considered an user. Only used one month in her pregnancy due to health issues. Please respond ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN FLORIDA AND HAVE EXPERIENCE THIS. Don't answer negatively just to carry points, cause we don't want the bullsh**.We just want a genuinely honest answer.
Florida or not, no one tests the little one for pot lol the ONLY reasons why they would test the baby for drugs, which would be more cruel drugs like heroine, crack, etc, is if the mother is believed to be an addict and the baby be born with some birth defects.
Ive not hear of any babies being drug tested at birth unless their was some suspicion. Does the doctor know about her use of pot? If he/she does later thats were a drug test would probally play in, otherwise I deliberate she should be fine, good luck.

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I don't focus they test for drugs unless there is reason to tryout. If she has history of drug use on record or goes within to the hospital high as a kite. Enjoy the new baby!
They do drug test at the hospital but im not sure what category. I know the prenatal clinic she goes to checks her urine. It shouldn't still be there but if it is they make you hold a some kinda class before you can get the baby from the hospital.
They do not test babies for marijuana. So your SiL does not have to worry more or less it.
Ashlee----you stole everything i be going to say right out of my mouth.so i no longer need to type all that out lol..so yea anything ashlee said =)
Answers:    They don't automatically try-out for drugs in newborns in Florida. Even if they did interview, if she quit at 27 weeks the baby would not test positive -- the marijuana would have metabolized out of mom and baby's system.

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