What be your baby's fetal heart rate?

i have heard the wives tales both instrument of how different genders have specific heart rates. on my 20 week ultrasound i saw very clearly that i am have a boy but his heart rate was at 144 which my mom is absolutely convinced is a girls heart rate and thinks the ultrasound be wrong. if you could tell me the gender of your baby and what their fetal heart rate be that would be greatly appreciated!
My sons heart rate was always between 150 - 160.

I have a boy.
The doctor said normal for a fetus is 120-160. My babies heartbeat at 14 weeks be 156. Which is right in the middle. I did the intellegender prediction test and it said I am having a boy but I dont know for sure. It is an out-of-date wives tale. I asked my ultrasound tech and my Dr and they said it has very little rightfulness. If the Dr said its a boy...go with that.
Answers:    They say 140 and up is a girl and 140 and below is a boy.

I am havign a boy (VERY CLEAR!) and his heartbeat is ALWAYS in th 160's.

It is a WIVES TALE! None of them are true.
I got it 3 times beforehand we found out what we were having

170, 170, 165
I am having a boy.
I want to say 160 or somewhere around within for a boy. I've also heard that boys have faster heart rates, but trust the ultrasound over the heart rate!
144--- I have a girl=)
My daughters stayed at just about 170, my sons was about 140... so wives tale be right on mine.. however the doctor and you seeing a little peepee beats any old wives chronicle :)

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