How can I start producing breast milk again?

Is there any way to make my body produce breast milk again? It newly recently stopped, I gave up too early and I really want to try again. Is in that anyway I can start producing again?
There is, there are lots of online articles about it. I deliberate the basic idea is to drink a lot of wet, eat well, and do lots and lots of breast pumping.
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If your baby is young and you were nursing frequently it should be rightly easy to increase your supply again- I'm sure you're not completely dried up.

Lina's mommy gave the exact article that should be of help within that section.
Answers:    Check out kellymom for how to relactate I've never done it but have read about it hope it helps also see a lactation consultant. Source(s):…
yea u can do wat andy says and also put away oatmeal that helped me out

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