When should I start buying diapers?

I'm due December 29 and I want to make sure that when my baby is born I will have satisfactory diapers. So I was wondering when would be good time to start buying them.
I'd just buy some newborn size diapers for in a minute. You'll get all kinds of coupons surrounded by the mail after you have your baby for money sour diapers. You can also go to the Huggies or Pampers, or other diaper brands websites, and print off coupons.
It doesn't hurt to start now. But you have to be careful roughly what size you buy. Some babies are too big for Newborn diapers when they're born so you wouldn't want a whole stash of Newborn if you give birth to a 10 lb baby. On the other appendage, you may have a baby that seems lost within newborn size (like mine). At the same time, you can always keep your receipts and only just exchange diapers for whatever size you need. Also, if you buy the size that most babies spend the most time in, you may not run into the size issue. For example, my son be in size 3 from about 4 months until about 15 months. And he be still in the weight range, but the size 3 diapers freshly kept leaking and once we switched him to size 4 the problem stopped. So stocking up on size 3 would have worked perfectly for us since he be in them for almost a year. But it would have been a spend foolishly to stock up on newborn size since he was only in that for something like a month. So just be smart about it. Maybe buy one or two packs of size newborn, size 1, and size 2. Then stock up on size 3. Hold on to your receipts and if you don't entail a size you can always exchange.

Another thing is space. If you don't really have the space to hold a big stash of diapers for the subsequent 5 months, don't start now. Wait until November or early December to start stocking up.
Your baby may be born on my daughter's birthday, December 20th! YAY! Sorry.

You could stock up now or wait until after you newborn shower. A lot of people may give you diapers for presents. But it is truly never too early to start preparing! Congrats and apt luck!
my wife didn't start buying anything until after my 21 week ultra-sound when my wife found out that my wife having a babe girl. Still my wife've only bought a few items of clothing and I also went out a few weeks ago and bought the crib. My bf's family have also bought some clothes for her. Other then that we're waiting until after my baby shower in March to see what we bring back and still need. Source(s): Get 500$
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you can buy diapers at anytime during your pregnancy. it is good to be stocked up on stuff similar to diapers, wipes and formula. but if you are having a baby shower to be precise one of the most popular items most people are going to buy you. like i only bought one pack of diapers and the rest i get at my baby shower and those diapers lasted me until he was in the region of 2 months old Source(s): father of a 2 month old
well, whenever you have the money i suppose. you are def gonna want to have a stack of them organized for your newborn though, cuz you aint gonna wanna leave the house for the first 2 weeks! dont forget though you will probably get a ton at your shower if you are having one. i get like 6 or 7 jumbo packs lol. but if you are worried just buy a small pack of them everytime you stir to walmart or something now until your baby is born.
Answers:    You can start buying them any time, especially if you see a good Dutch auction. But don't buy too many newborn size and size 1 because your baby will outgrow those very like lightning. My son has been in size 2 for rather a while now, so I would suggest getting a few packages of newborns and 1's, and then getting mostly the bigger sizes. You will move about through alot of diapers :-) so I think it's smart to stock up now and spread the cost out a little bit. Congrats!

EDIT: Also, try not to buy adjectives the same brand. My son was allergic to Huggies so I had to administer all the Huggies I had bought away. If you buy a variety it might abet.
I wouldn't buy too lots, honestly. Maybe a pack or two of newborns and a couple packs of size 1s. You won't know what sizes(and how many of those sizes) you'll stipulation and some babies only do good with one pernickety brand, while others will have allergies to brands.

You're better off just setting money aside that you'd spend on diapers. That course, when your baby is here, you can see what works and go from there. Plus you don't hold to worry about the hassle of exchanging and returning diapers if they do not work out.
Stock up :]
That's what I'm gonna do. Source(s): Due Jan. 17th
I would start buying them very soon when they are on sale. I wouldn't buy too many newborn diapers, they outgrow them really quick. Stock up on size 1 (they will be surrounded by those for about a month or two), size 2 (not so long), size 3 (for a while) and then size 4 for the longest.
That is near the time my sister is due near her first. : )

I'm a mom of 3. With the first we bought them very early. We were excited and couldn't keep on.

With our second and third we waited really till about 6-8wks before the due date I imagine. I would often go into labor early. Most of the time it be false or just early labor and nothing would come up but that would scare us enough to quickly finish getting things set.

But really it is up to you. There is no hard set rule. I would not suggest stopping on the way HOME from the hospital with the infant to buy diaper. lol ; )

A few weeks before the due date is fine and if you want to start now that is fine too. ; ) Source(s): homeschooling mom of 3 - 13, 9 & 7
If someone throws you a baby shower, you might want to dawdle and see if anyone gives you diapers then. Otherwise, a pack or two around a month before your due date should meet your requirements. The hospital where I delivered sent us home with a undamaged pack of them.
check ads and look for coupons, i never pay packet full price for diapers, they're always on sale somewhere
I wouldn't buy too many newborn size because you don't know how much the little one will weigh and if you'll catch any at your shower
and its not like all stores will stop selling diapers when your baby is born, you can buy them after she/he is born :)
You can never have enough diapers! Just make sure you don't stock pile alot of newborn size merely as they grow so fast, I would have the next size up available as okay.
I would just get a pack or two a few weeks earlier your due. Because really you can't say what kind of diapers you are going to like. I infer every baby fits into diapers differently. I loved huggies for my son, but papers always seemed to escape. So really I would wait, if anything you could save back some money in a minute so that way you have some saved back just for that and can get the kind that fits your infant best. Congrats!

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