Whats the difference.24 month and 2T?

My daughter is 18 months and in 18 month clothing but is starting to wear some 24 month things ( she's tall ) anyway her Grandma bought her a 2T shirt and it's huge. I know 2T means toddler ( I guess ) but y the difference? PLUS what size is your toddler in vs. their age? THANKS
My nephew just turned 2, and is wearing 3T clothing mainly because he's tall and he doesn't approaching tight fitting clothes that go over his head. I don't think there's a difference between 24 month and 2T. Obviously there's a difference between 2 month and 2T which my friend who is pregnant simply found that out...lol.
What's so bad about baby clothing is approaching adults, not all is the same. one style of 2T is different then another 2T.

I hold a 6 month old son who can wear 9 month old clothes (depending on brand)
I also have a almost 3 year prehistoric step daughter who is 2T on top 3T on bottom.

Even though she is 18 months, don't worry, she will grow into that. Almost everything I buy now for him is big so he can grow into it versus buying it and it being too small.

And besides, what doesn't fit, can produce you some money at a yard sale :) Source(s): 6 month old son
31 month antiquated step daughter
I dont think there is a difference really. unsurprisingly like with adult clothing different brands may own different size measurments than normal, but in general 2T and 24 month are nearly the same size.
The size does vary in every brand. But what I've seen within most of the brands that carry both 24 months and 2T...2T is slightly bigger than 24m.

Usually, the number goes with the age, contained by average. 2T would fit a 2 y.o... 3T a 3 y.o and so on. but each kid is different in size/weight. My little one turns 3 in october, and already uses 4T and some 5T too!!

"Gymboree" runs a bit bigger in sizes.
Answers:    My best friend is a clothing designer and when I asked her she said that for shirts and stuff, 2T is just a little bigger, but for onesies and bottoms nearby is more "butt/diaper room" in a 24 month bottom than a 2T - 24 MO is assuming they are still in diapers and need more room for it, a 2T is slimmer and for a child not within diapers Source(s): Clothing designer friend...
The difference is the T is suppose to be bigger. That's why they will sell 3 and 3T, usually the T is longer

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