Will my baby's lungs be developed by 35 weeks?

I am having an amnio done when I will be 35 weeks 1day and I was wondering what the chances are that my infant girl's lungs will be fully developed by then??
My baby was born at 35 weeks and while in labor the nurses be preparing me for the chance that his lungs may not be ready.
Once he was born in that were no issues with with his lungs or breathing. He is 14 months though and we are still suffering some central gas problems. This has been his only issue.
I was born at 35 weeks, and my lungs were fine. Chances are, if you are sure of your date, your baby will be developed...although if your doctor is worried, you'll get steroids. However, it can be hard for babe-in-arms to suck/swallow/breathe at this age. And digestive problems are also an issue. Breastmilk is very important for preemies, so be prepared for that.
I spent several months in the hospital next to failure to thrive due to reflux, but recovered :)
theyll b good, healthy, and waling thru the darkness when out of u. good luck! best of wishes!
I've been through this. We have an amnio at 34 wks, and no the lungs weren't close to developed. They waited till 36 wks to deliver him, and assured me that they would be matured by then, I asked about surfactant but be told he didn't need it. He had no breathing problems when born, but still went to NICU for feed issues.
Your baby will be fully developed by 35 weeks.
I thought the lung's be the last thing to develop. The closer you get to 40 weeks the better fate of having a fully developed baby.
without any medication (steriods) for your child they will be mostly developed at 35 weeks. there is a small arbitrariness that your baby will have to be on a ventilator in the hospital for a moment. My water broke at 29 weeks and my son was born at 31 weeks. I had two shots of steroids previously he was born and that is what helps develop babyish lungs develop. He never had to be on a ventlator, which is rare for being born that young at heart, but even if he was he would have been ok. They also said even if I didnt bring those shots he would have been ok too. Sorry for any mispelled words, Im on the run but considered necessary to answer you real quick.

Bre's daughter
Yes, they will be. My labor be actually induced at 35 weeks.
Answers:    Baby's lungs are fully developed by 30 weeks.

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