I know this sounds terrible- But...How would I know if my Toddler swallowed Windex?

If she swallowed any then she would probably be throwing up by now and that would be your sign. She probably would enjoy had a gross look on her face since that would not taste apt. I think you will be ok.
if she swallowed it you would defiantly smell it on her you would know quickly and if you have concerns phone up poison control i know someone that had to do that when their daughter got a hold of hand sanitizer and they told us what to do they said to make available her sweet soda to counter act the alcohol.
It sounds like she wasn't out of eyeshot for deeply long. That's good. Maybe, just to be sure call the poison control number to find out what the course of undertaking would be IF she had swallowed some. If it isn't too invasive (like drink lots of water), you could always do it anyway to be safe.

When I took my son to the ER beside vomiting, he had for a few seconds earlier that morning gotten into his home-made baby wipes (with lavender oil and witch hazel, pretty strong smelling). I didn't reflect on he got any in his mouth but I was SOOO worried this have caused his vomiting (it didn't...he had a stomach virus, we all caught it latter, too). But the ER doc said that with strong smelling things like that (and windex), you can typically smell it on the baby's breath if it got into their mouths. So, hopefully since you could not smell it on her breath, she didn't grasp any.
I'm sure you would have smelled it in her mouth or on her hand. Other than that, she'd be puking by now or showing signs she was sick.
I regard as if she put some in her mouth you would smell it. I'm sure your fine. Be more safe next time.
She would be insanely sick I would think by very soon. You should call Poison control anyway and see what they have to say.
If she didnt have any on her hands or shirt and if she wasnt coughing or making any horrible funny faces ( i can conjure up it tastes horrid ) then i wouldnt worry. If she does start vomiting or anything that make you think she may have injested any of it i would call the poision control center asap and see what they read out. Source(s): mom of 4
i dont reason she drank any and if you think she did just call poison control they will share you what you should do
she would have thrown up pretty swift. stuff doesn't sit tell, trust me. the alcohol in it induces vomiting(it isn't ethanol that you drink)
my guess is that you would know by now if she had. I dream up you are right in guessing that if you didn't smell any, and none was on her, then she is fine. No worries, I voice. I also agree with DMG -- unless it was a leaky bottle, she would be a very crafty babe-in-arms to have managed to get it solely in her mouth!

on the lighter side.. have you ever seen My Big Greek Wedding?? lol -- they consider Windex cures everything and would have easily suggested a shot or two of it every now and after. haha -- its a pretty funny movie. Youtube the phrase 'greek wedding windex' and see what you come up with.
dmg said it well.

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