What brand of antiseptic wipe do you use to verbs your nipples up to that time breastfeeding?

I am 38 weeks pregnant, excited to breastfeed and I want to stock up!
You don't inevitability any. Any kind of wipe is unnecessary not to mention anything you put on your breasts will be ingested by your baby and will dry out your breasts causing ruin and pain.

Unless you use your breasts to open doors I think wash your hands before a feeding would be plenty and is accurate practice anyway.

1) Anything you put on your nipples your baby would ingest.
2) Antiseptic products (soaps, wipes, etc) butcher the healthy bacteria protecting mom and baby.
3) Excluding alcohol most antiseptic products can basis resistance in bacteria
4) Removing the oils from the nipple make them more likely to crack which can cause plugged ducts, mastitis, and ductal yeast.

Unless you are dragging your nipples on the ground breastmilk is all the cleaner it wishes. Breastmilk itself is antiseptic but unlike chemicals products breastmilk only targets the bad germs.
You don't need to use any. I've breastfeed two kids and never used them.

Congrats on the baby! My sister-in-law is due Aug. 1st also!
Don't do it! If it's hot and humid and yukky (like where on earth I live) just use a washer with water. Babies involve to build their immunity from the day they're born. antiseptic everything will lower their resistence to future microbes they encounter. As long as you're not the world's biggest grot, there's no point in buying antibacterial anything!
None...they are a waste of money...if you want to stock up on something adjectives, go buy a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and a TON of lansinoh nursing pads.
I am breastfeeding my second child and hold never used any wipes to clean my breast - In fact I one and only clean them if I have exercising or working outside. I use breast pads to preserve from leaking and change them after each feed. Trust me - you aren't going to want to touch your nipples before feeding anyways!! The first too weeks are not fun! But stick with it!! Good luck!
None at adjectives.
Not needed.
You are not supposed to use antiseptic wipes! Do you want those chemicals to get into your baby's mouth? Why would you think that your own breasts would be dirty.

Are you a troll? If you are a tangible person based on your previous questions, I dream up you are suffering from OCD. I would strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor right away. These things are not normal behavior. Please desire help.
Answers:    Bella B Nipple Cleansing pads:

Nipple Nurture Cleansing Pads are a natural solution to cleaning nipples before and after breastfeeding. Fortified next to aloe vera, the cleaning solution is healing and soothing for sore, cracked nipples. All ingredients are 100% safe for mother and baby and use food-grade ingredients.

Contains no artificial preservatives or parabens, petroleum, or lanolin (which comes from sheep wool).

Tub contains 80 moistened pad.

We also recommend using Nipple Nurture Butter before and after breastfeeding to help prevent and soothe sore or cracked nipples.

About Bella B:
Bella B Natural Bodycare utilises the highest competence clinically-proven ingredients available while maintaining the integrity of clean, natural formulations free of petroleum, mineral oil and parabens (artificial preservatives). Bella B is perfectly formulated for expecting and new mothers, as well as adjectives women concerned with the highest level of feature and exceptional ingredients found in much more expensive products (in much smaller packages). Bella B has women's bodycare needs covered with ease, from head to tummy to toes!

9 baby gates? Holy crap, your baby can't even roll toward anything for awhile. Sorry, I go and read your other questions.
If you are for real your going to drive yourself (read husband) mad surrounded by a week or two. He must be a tough guy.

Oh yeah, no wipes for your breast. Unless you use them on the baby gates (sorry) they don't touch much! Just breast milk.
Don;t buy the Lansinoh or Madela ones. They are too expensive and are crap for what you pay for them. I go to Sam's and buy the three pack of the Jumbo containers of Clorox Wipes. I approaching the orange ones the best becasue I think they probably taste the best to the newborn.
You don't obligation any. I wouldn't want my baby ingesting an antiseptic...just squeeze out a bit of milk first, and rub it on your nipple. This also gives the little one a smell and taste, and will help them to latch on.
seriously though, you're not even supposed to use regular soap on your nipples while breastfeeding, only baby safe cleansing items
You are a funny little troll to ask such question!
Wipes aren't good plenty! You need to dip them in bleach, before and after every nurture!
You are definetely a troll.
This is totally unnecessary. Save your money for the lanolin cream that will soothe those soon-to-be sore nipples! Source(s): Registered Nurse
I didn't use anything. As long as you are not using greatly of scented lotions or perfumes, I don't think you call for to. They will always tell you this sort of thing to try to procure you to buy more products . . just keep that in mind.
I would wipe the baby's mouth before letting it touch you.
None. Your nipples and areolas are self-cleaning. They have Montgomery's glands that secret special oils that comfort lubricate and cleans the skin and keep it free from bacteria. No other soaps or cleaning is needed, unless you're using certain creams on your nipples during breastfeeding (most creams don't inevitability to be rinsed off, though). If so, warm water is usually adjectives you need. Using any kind of soap or antiseptic on your nipples could disrupt the delicate symmetry of good bacteria and flora that help prevent yeast, or thrush, from developing.
To be honest, I don't.
The LC I worked near never recommended it and there's no reason to think that they aren't clean.
Do not use any antiseptic wipes to clean your breast. It's not well-mannered for the baby. The lactation consultant I hired and the pediatrician reccommended just cleaning the breast with heat up water and if you can just let it nouns dry..also if nipples are crack just apply a bit of breastmilk on it and let air dry.
I didn't.
You don't really need those.
I seriously presume you are a troll. For all of you fixing to TD me, read her silly questions :)
i dont my mom think i should
you dont need too infact dont

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