When is it OK to use little one lotion and powder on your newborn?

Before I left the hospital my pediatrician told me not to use anything on my baby other than soap. No lotions or powders?

Did they said that to you too? I want to at smallest put some baby lotion on his legs or something? He has no medical illness or zilch, Im wondering if they say that to everyone? If so what Am I gonna do with all my lotions and powders?

Oh, what areas do you put powder on your child and when did you start it!

We used lotion for the get-go her doctor never told us not to, however Ive never used any little one powder on her.

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I never used baby powder, but started with the lotion right away. I use Aveeno or Johnson's & Johnson's brand. A newborn baby's skin can procure very dry very easily, so I put it on my son frequently - multiple times a morning on the trouble spots. Too dry of skin can be uncomfortable or even painful for anyone, so try to prevent that if you can.
Answers:    I used lotion on my daughter after I first gave her a sponge bath which was the second morning home. I didn't use alot. Just a little to give her skin some moisture help but also to allow her skin to integer and regulate its own moisture balance out on its own. She is four months now and has super soft skin. I never used powder on her and will not until she get a rash or something. You use the powder on the genitalia region and the bum to help keep it dry during a diaper unwary recovery. However if you change the diaper every three hours or so then you shouldn't hold a diaper rash problem really. I recommend Buttpaste instead of powder. Good luck!! =)
I used both right away with the approval of my daughters pediatrician. He in actuality recommended I use the baby powder with cornstarch on her entire body when she was breaking out surrounded by a rash all over. I also lotioned her up right after her first sponge bath at home. I put powder within her diaper sometimes too:)
I heard that it be because the lotion brings out the water and can make your baby dried up. The powder can get in their lungs. I have hear later like after 5 months you can use both. I have used some lotion on my daughter she is 12 days weak but not much but her skin was all flaky and dry. Oh and powder is for their butt. Source(s): Landon and Ellie's Mommy.
right away! i never heard of that, lol, my daughters had dry skin like most newborn and i used baby lotion, its for babies and they make it sensitive enough for newborn to use =] and for the powder, i would put some on my hand and sprinkle it on, when u do put it on her ( if u do) dont put so much on and let her breathe it in..produce sure its close to her skin or put it in your hand
after the cord comes off lotion is fine
power some times can take there breath away from afterwards

so just in the diaper the power if read or got a over-hasty
I hold never used powder for either baby. Any powder I received as a baby payment, I gave to my husband to powder his you know whats...but I use lotion pretty often. Just use a natural one free of mineral grease and any petroleum. These ingredients are bad for the baby's skin.
First off, NEVER use baby powder. The little particles receive into the baby's lungs and may cause problems down the line. Also, I was told not to use any lotion on my newborn even though his skin be cracked and dry. I was told that it would heal and go away itself and sure adequate it did. I dont think I started using lotion at bedtime until my son was about a month antediluvian.
I didn't use anything for a week or two. But now we use lotion after a hip bath because she just loves it. And I use powder on her because she's really sweaty, so her diaper area gets really red. They did report me to not use anything, but only for the first couple weeks. Go with your gut on that one.
I have an 8th month old and I powder her diaper nouns while trying to be careful that she doesn't inhale any of it. During the winter I used lotion because the house was so dry. I've being using it since she be born with no problems (just make sure you use something hypoallergenic).
I started as soon as he was brought home... my Dr. never said anything approaching that! H eloves getting a little baby massage near his baby lotion after the bath!!

I did hear though to be very scant with the baby pweder as they could inhale it when it "poofs" and my cause asma...
Why do you want to put lotion on his legs?

I haven't ever used lotion on my son, and he's 13 months old. He have the softest skin I've ever felt.

I have used cornstarch powder, very sparingly, on his diaper nouns when he's had a rash. I don't shake the bottle anywhere near him.
I've never used baby powder. I use Cetaphil on my son after each bath. I started that as soon as he be able to take a real tub.
Meh. Call me a bad Mommy, but I used it right away.
I feel like he needed some sort of moisturizer after baths. :) I've never used baby powder, so I don't really know about that. It's probably fitting in the summer though to prevent diaper rash.

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