Crystal Meth while Breastfeeding...?

My friend is breatfeeding and doing Crystal meth, She says that Crystal Meth only stimulates the brain and can not affect her baby.. Is this true??

Im 8 months and she said Meth will do wonders for any creature that has just had a infant, from losing all the prego weight to being competent to stay up long nights...
OMG DONT DO IT!! meth will kill not only you but your child thats insane she even does that! you could really hurt your baby bad, trust me ive been here it not something you should do especially when you have a new baby.. please please im recitation you, it will ruin your life! Source(s): EXPERIENCE, THAT I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH AGAIN IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!
Any drugs or alcohol in your system while breast feed and or pregnant spread into the baby's system and could hurt the baby severely hit can cause developmental issues and early birth of addiction and brain damage and could be potentially fatal for baby.Crystal meth is a form of speed could speed up a heart rate too swift and meth users tend to lose lots of teeth and hair as it depletes calcium and other minerals so I am assuming if she is doing it and breastfeeding it could also damage baby's growing teeth. Source(s): mom of a 5 yr old 2 yr mature and 28 weeks pregnant
Report her now, she might as well stick a needle contained by her babies arm,
you shouldn't think of this person as a friend
you can't let her do this to the infant can you it'll be partly be your fault if anything happens to the poor child for not recitation can you live with that?
NO your friend is nuts. I know a girl who's baby of late DIED because she was breastfeeding and doing drugs (meth along with others). Babies can't handle that surrounded by their system. Anything you take while breastfeeding affects your baby. I mean come on I'm breastfeeding my second newborn and I know from experience that doctors won't even give you meds when you are sick if you are breastfeeding so why in the world would it be ok to do meth? Where is your friends medical degree? I would turn her within to social services before she kills her baby or does brain plunder. Source(s): Landon and Ellie's Mommy.
Currently breastfeeding my second.
no offense but she is stupid! meth stays in ur system anywhere from 2-5 days... Breast Milk directly reacts from foods and medication consumed by the mother.breast milk will contain the crystal meth for at least 48 hours and possibly up to 5 days. Any breast feeding would pass the crystal meth to the child nursing during that time !! no offense but ur friend requests help. she could kill her baby by doing this..
close to hellooo? common sense!!
Shes wrong.very very wrong.
Even if she be formula feeding,the chemical residue on her clothes and hands etc can affect a baby.
She have to stop the meth NOW or her baby should be taken away until she gets it under control.Her child can suffer long residence brain damage and a host of physical problems because of this.
Would you put small amounts of meth in a baby bottle contained by the formula?no? well what she is doing amounts to the same thing!!
If she doesnt stop when she get this info-call child protection or talk to her family about whats taking may lose a friend but save a baby!!
meth is so addictive that its not worth your time or energy.who care if you lose weight?it eats away you brain,makes your skin horrible and rots your teeth.yuck.not to mention make you a nut case eventually.………
OMG! Your friend is in for a rude awaking. Baby's of meth users have birth defects, research disabilities, and when they are born, they cry constantly becuase they are going through withdrawls. When you friend goes into the hospital to give birth, they test the baby's poop and if it comes out positive for drugs they will transport her baby away from her.

Do no ever start meth use to try and lose weight, you will not only lose cargo, but your mind and your baby...
Report her immediately. See below for link on a mom that be charged with child endangerment for breastfeeding her baby while on Meth. Druggies will tell you doesn`t matter what to justify their using. Unfit to be a mother is an understatement for someone who does something like this to a newborn. Ugh. Source(s):…
Answers:    Every I just looked up, says it can be done, if she is pumping and using the milk BEFORE she uses meth and wait AT LEAST TWENTY FOURS hours AFTER she uses it. So how the heck is ANY mother supposed to viably do that? My baby won't go 24 hours without nursing! It say that babies can easily overdose on crystal meth through the breast milk and it's not good to use, not compatible and there is no secure way to do it. Now on top that, being high on crystal meth AND taking guardianship of an infant. Does that sound safe to anyone? No her logic is drug flawed.
is that a joke? crystal meth? think of it this method, what ever goes into mother goes into the baby. crystal meth is one of the most addictive drugs out at hand. that kid is going to become an addict and have serious drug problems when its older. might as resourcefully hand the child over to Social Service now. i would imagine she or he would be better sour there.
Call CPS on her.anyone who does Meth while they have a baby whether they're breastfeeding or not doesn't deserve a child.
Your friend is an idiot and doesn't deserve a child!
Any chemicals like that get into her blood stream, and that`s why into her breast milk!!
Why do you think breast-feeding women can't drink alcohol and have to limit their caffeine intake? For indistinguishable reason!
I know it would be damaging to your friendship, but you need to name Child Services on her! She can KILL that baby!!
Spoken like a true addict….Sad

Meth affects your entire body not just your brain, I’ve never heard of anything so foolish! See what that stuff does to you?? Run far, far away from this so call friend….

Short-term Effects:
Negative effects can include disturbed sleep patterns, hyperactivity, nausea, delusions of power, increased aggressiveness and irritability. Can cause decrease hunger and bring on weight loss. In higher doses has a greater “rush,” followed by increased agitation and sometimes hostility. Other effects can include insomnia, confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia and increased aggression. Can cause convulsions leading to disappearance.

Long-term Effects:
Increased heart rate and blood pressure, damage to blood vessels in the brain, principal to strokes or irregular heartbeat and cardiovascular collapse or death. Can cause liver, kidney and lung damage. There are strong indications that users suffer brain vandalize, including memory impairment and an increasing inability to grasp abstract thoughts. Those who recover are usually subject to memory gaps and extreme mood swings.
I think the fact that she does meth harms the child regardless of whether or not she breastfeeds. Who knows what could happen to that poor baby while his/her mom is elevated. You have a responsiblilty to report her.
Sorry but your friend is an idiot! Whatever the mother takes in is released through the breast milk. You requirement to report her..not only is she endangering the baby by providing a meth lace milk but if the baby is being brought up in that environment the mother unquestionably doesn't care about the baby's well human being. Source(s): Baby on the way!

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