Punishments for 7 year olds!?

my son is 7 years old. he backtalks, throws things, kicks things, yells at me, mutters cuz he knos i cant hear him ( im hearin impair ), hits his siblings, sometimes hits me, cries abt everything when he doesnt get his way, etc. what r some good punishments to relieve? I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HITTIN OR SPANKIN MY KIDS so please dont give me that as a suggestion. thank u.
pray for him or sent him to church school to gain perfect influence. or maybe he is not even matured.. wait until hes older or perchance his friends are the ones causing this.. try to have a talk next to the teacher about his attitude . maybe this can relieve
Reality is that, your son is in control. If you do not take control now, you should be alarmed of what is to come when he becomes a teen and you should believe your other children will follow in his footsteps.
You need to whip control and not be a scared mommy. All of the things you listed are inappropriate behavior and should be handle immediately. Flick him on the lips with your fingers when he parley back to you and I promise the back talking will stop. I don't believe contained by hitting my child anywhere but the buttocks if neccesary and because I don't think I spank hard enough , I will use a belt on his butt if I necessitate to. Just a few times will do the trick and he will know you mean business. Be consistent ! If you are scared to take control, after his father should step in and do so. Mommy's sometimes are not well suited for this, unfortunately. Good luck. You created this, so you can also un-do it.
watch Supernany or Nany911

try a naughty spot or corner... he has to sit near for 7 minutes (coz he is 7 yrs old)
Spanking, administered properly, is not abuse. The child reacts in a pavlovian deportment -- he realizes that certain actions are stinging, therefore he will not perform those actions.

However, since you do not believe within it, you could sit him in the corner, not allowing him to watch TV, gameboy, etc.

If you do not believe in any punishment, afterwards he will continue to do what he can get away with.
Watch what he does each daylight. If he's a normal 7 year old boy, he'll have a few favorite things to play next to or do that will shift around. Identify these things. Keep a running list in your head, remember it will shift around, so maintain an eye on it.

Round 1: Take away the #1 item on the list. If that doesn't do it, take #2, then #3 and so on. They are gone for 24h. Make him pick them up and deliver them to you.

Round 2: Take equal things away for longer, 48-72h

Round 3: Same thing, but take it to Goodwill. Give it away or throw it away. Make him put it in the bin.

Always spawn sure he knows precisely what he is getting punished for. After the punishment is over, make him explain to you why he was punished, and what he think will happen if he does it again. (hint: It should ALWAYS get worse for each exact transgression)

He can be punished for the actual transgression (throwing a toy) and be given more punishment for backtalking about the punishment he receives for throwing the toy. Throwing the toy & backtalking are two things. There are two offenses, so at hand are two punishments.

Throws something : He has to pick it up, apologize, and get a time out.

Throws something at you/hits you/etc : Isolation. In his room with the door closed, unacceptable to come out, etc for a period of time (30min-1hr)

Backtalk/whining : whatever he's whining about or is backtalking nearly just got worse. Took away his toy & he backtalks? OK, there go another toy. Isolation for hitting your sister and you whine about it? Your time doesn't start until I can't hear you whining.
Apart from not hitting your children, the other options you can use is timeout within the corner (make him stand) and make him not move from that spot until 7 minutes has passed (I saw that on nanny 911). He has to not move or attempt to catch attention etc...


Just ground him to his room. Take ALL of the his toys, the tv, video games. Leave NOTHING but a bed and cloths and make him stay in there for a morning to a week. Depending on the severity of what he did wrong. Source(s): Done to me as a child
Talk away a privilege such as TV or video game etc. and mad consistent.
If he is hitting you or shouting newly ignore him he only wants attention and if you start shouting posterior he will continue because he is getting a reaction out of you.
You say he have siblings, do you treat all your children equally? You maybe unintentionally devoting more time to your other children and he feel left out and that is why he feels he requests to misbehave to gain your attention and time.
If he hits his siblings, later you should hit him then send him to his room(slap wrist, spanking.)

Whether you believe in corporal punishment or not, it's the best process to deal with that problem.

Crying when he doesn't get his road... explain that he can't always get his way and why, next send him to his room if he persists.

Throwing things and kicking things -> Send to room.

(when you send him to his room remove adjectives toys and cut electricity to the room if he has tv/playstation)

(kids need time to think things over, ALWAYS explain why he is self punished)

Edit: Yes, spanking is pavlovian conditioning, but I don't consider appropriate however to use it as a sole method of discipline.(as a response to him being violent is an appropiate use.)

(Never administed corporal punishment due to anger, never administer corporal punishment without impartial warning that it is coming if behavior doesn't improve, never use it once a child can understand full-grown reasoning [12 and up])
I keep under surveillance my little bro every day. I know how it is. He was just close to that until i became the boss. You have to fight subsidise. Every time he does something take something he loves and put him in time out. Every time afterword double the time in timeout and transport double the toys. every week tell him that if he's good for five days he gets them spinal column. If he goes bad after you give him his stuff subsidise, take it for two weeks.if all else fails, you do what us teens do. Annoy him. Call him by a girls first name for a while, and annoy him until he stops. works every time. If you need tips on how to annoy him, email me. good luck ;)
Time outs. 15, 20, 30 mins depending on how bleak his actions are. Sit him at the kitchen table (or somewhere isolated with no computer, TV, toys, siblings, etc. - pretty much, find the most boring place in the house) and if he misbehaves during his time out, freshly add another few minutes on his punishment. Make sure the siblings stay out of the way during his time out.

In terms of crying. Tell him that crying is solely allowed when he's hurt or very sad. Not when he doesn't get his bearing. Tell him that crying is not going to work and that you won't give in (and don't!).

Let him know the rules. see how that goes. He won't approaching it, but just keep firm.
dang. but kids really learn from beating cuz they dont like to get hit.
just discipline him. why are you so worried of youre own child? why do you accept that he yells at you and throws tantrums. punish him. lock him in his room. manufacture him clean/do chores. take away snack time, play time and tv time.
of course you should never ever hit or spank your kids.

well, it looks like you own a rough situation here. when i was a kid the general punishment for people of my age be "no tv" or "no playground" but since time has changed you will have to decide what your kids like the most.

i mean i have a daughter and if i'd threat her "no tv" that wont work but "no computer" or "no internet" will definately work!!

but still i think the best route is to find why he gives those reactions and try to focus on those, i really dont believe punishment is going to work.

and... good luck!
I sit my daughter in "time out" which is on my bed, in my room. Sitting, not lay, feet on the floor. It works great for her and she hates it when she has to walk. I don't send her to her room b/c there is too much to do.
You have to be demanding or close to fierce.
Don't beg him to stop, because then he think he's in charge.
Give him a time out.
Take away his favorite toys.
Lock him in his room.
Refuse to let him play beside his friends or go outside.
If he likes to draw, don't let him do that until he get his attitude in check.

The littlest things can help sometimes.
I've heard that sending a child to a corner...but making them sit on one knee (the position when men get down to propose) for a few minutes is a virtuous punishment.
Answers:    Well maybe part of the problem is you. The bible does vote to spank your children to teach them in your young age. Have you ever even tried doing it the right style? I know you don't want this suggestion, but just try it once or twice, it might work. It isn't like you will be abusing him, only just slap his rump a few times.
What about sending him into his room? If he disobeys drag him surrounded by and take all toys out and lock him in ...

Or no more sweet. Or you don't allow him to play near friends ...

I;m sorry ...
Either belt the **** out of the kid, or pretend you are about to. My dad belted me once when I was really immature and after that he never had to do it again, if I was misbehaving he would just pretend to receive ready to belt me and I would stop right away.
Take away dessert, toys, put him in the corner. What ever you do be persistent.
then you will always have a rule child. try the shun instrument and lock him in his room until better or say nothing to him until he seize bet. but he 7 and that work for teenager. hey I,m sorry you can't spare the rod or you will spoil the child. or use the water bottle. when he act up spray him contained by the face with the water. it work on dogs.

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