I caught my 10 yr matured daughter and her 11 yr dated feminine cousin looking at porn. What do I do?

Whatever you do, make sure that you button with precision because this is how you are going to set the tone for all of your future communications give or take a few sex and other dangerous behaviors that your soon to be teen will encounter. And please, I am preaching to myself because I probably would have passed out and come to cussing my face sour. I feel for you because this is an awful situation to be in. I would say that it is curiosity and since the cat is out of the pod you are going to have to talk to her. The one thing that I would approaching to encourage or for you to at the least consider is that while it is perfectly innate for sex between consenting humans (preferably married humans) that pornography hurts people, those that participate in the making and those that scrutinize it. I would really touch on the fact that the women in that pic is someone's daughter, sister, and possibly Mother. I would really explain the hurt that you can imagine have encompassed this woman's life and explain to her what this kind of behavior lead to. I am very against porn for so many reasons and do not believe this is the forum to dance into it all BUT please touch on those aspects of her getting her information from those sources. It just is not a good example for women to find their information from. Best of Luck. My oldest is 8 and I hope for that info to elude her for many more years!
Maybe they be just curious, and it got the best of them and they clicked on the link. Maybe they be looking at it all day... which probably is not a good entity. Porn is not a moral thing, so be sure and keep that parental control set. Talk to them about it, see whats up, and hold some action. But remember kids get curious, so maybe they be just like WTF?
i would ask her to come over to you and have a talk about what she be veiwing, hey you don't know wether she has being veiwing this for a while after realising how to turn off parental controls. Anyway communicate her not to view it again if parental controls are off and if you catch her viewing porn again next you will give her booty a good hard spank.
First off, don't assume she requests to have sex just yet. She probably run across it by accident and was just curious. That doesn't be a sign of she's ready to do it herself just yet. I would own a talk with her about sex, but don't dwell on the porn. She's probably horribly mortified already. If she's not, she will be after your talk.
I think they have heard rumors, and just wanted to know. Just sit her down at a latter time and give her the talk. I don't think she requirements to have sex. Just just wanted to know what the operation was. When me and my sister was about that age we would look at my dads playboy books. We freshly wanted to know. It's normal, to want to know.
you can install NetDog Porn Filter : http://www.netdogsoft.com on the computer, netdog blocks all porn quitely and automatically in the background when anyone's on the computer.
I would definitely not pretend I didn't see it! Why would you do that? You need to have a communicate with your daughter. I would tell her that it's normal to be curious and to hold certain feelings. Tell her that it's natural and charming to make love with the person you love. I would hold the entire sex talk with her. Then I would let her know that surrounded by our home, we do not look at porn. that it's offensive and degrading to women. I would also call the other girls mother. I wouldn't blame the other girl just because she's elder, it could have been either ones thought. Then the computer would come right out of her room and into the family room. You can better monitor what she's doing there. One other thing I do is insist on have all passwords to all websites used. I want to know what my kids are doing on myspace and similar websites. It's amazing how much you learn almost their life by monitoring that!
I suggest you hang on to a better eye on what your children are doing. If you were more up on what they are doing, this would not have happened. They be curious. You were neglectful!
That Is fine , its to show you proper sex and what it will be approaching when they're older.. just let them look .
beat their a**! haha! have a chat with them and tell them that is extremely inapropriate and disgusting! and tello her she is way to young to be thinking about boys and adjectives that garbage!
The 11 year old probably told her to do it because maybe at her institution all the children think it's funny to watch porn. Your 10 yr outmoded daughter probably went along with it because she was curious going on for what it is.
first you need to take that computer out of her room. To own a 10 year old to have a computer- it's ridiculous, she could be chatting with creepy men if you're not other available to see she's not

what you need to do is ask her why she wanted to see that kind of stuff.
it's adjectives the importance in the world for you two to have correct communication skills, especially when she gets older.

it may be time to have the 'talk' beside her if you haven't already, but keep a tight eye on her for now
Kids are maturing younger and younger these days. Why wasn't nearby a 10 year old boy who became the world's youngest father a few months ago?
Maybe there has be little girls in her class talking about this type of stuff! I am 12 and I know what peer pressure feel like I know she just wanted 2 be close to everyone else 2 see it so she did watch it but just sit down 2 talk 2 her more or less per pressure and maybe that will work (when talking 2 her don't make it come across like u are mad at her) Also keep Ur eye one her and don't agree to her close her door 2 much privacy
Don't worry! My daughter did the same entry all i did was scream and it didnt do anything manipulate it calm and cooly
She is just curious. Children start talking give or take a few sex around 8 or 9 with each other as something they are going to do when they get married. It is adjectives over TV and the internet, magazines. Just because she doesn't see it in your home (normally), doesn't mean she doesn't know its out at hand or doesn't have acess elsewhere. Some female begin pubetry aroun 8 or 9 as capably. You are actual about a year or two for "THE TALK". She needs to be prepared for what might happen to her body at any moment over the subsequent year or so. You should tell the mother of the 11 year old what happened so that she may discuss it near her daughter as well.

The girl should not have internet in her room. it should be within a public location like the living room.

Curiosity is normal, don't make it a BAD entry. She will just rebel.
yeah, possibly she loves a boy. I did then (but didn't want to sex). Ask her what she was doing on the day you saw her look at the porn ask her!
"What be you doing (on whatever day it was) on the computer??"
She won't say porn straight away she'll say-so "errrrm nothing"
Then ask "do you like any boys" another day of course!
You requirement to sit down and have a little chat with them. Dont stir balistic on them about it, They are just curious. You also need to hold the "bird and the bees" chat and make sure to ask them on their views about it.
At 10 and 11 years dated, they are starting to grow into be young ladies and they are raging with hormones. Its really just chunk of human nature.

Just make sure you tell them that its "overrated"
shift to her computer and download mgruff-its free.or you can go to razzul they have a free 30 day trial after that its $30 bucks a year.
what you necessitate to do is beat there lil asses cuz thats the only method to keep them from doin it again and keep them from bein the future town pony
oh my god. i had almost the exact same experience when i be ten, (except i didn't get caught) my friend told me "whatever you do, don't go on 'hardcore.com' " so logically, i did, with another friend. we already knew a bit about sex but accurately didn't know what the website would be, but when we got onto it we looked at it for quite a while - we thought it was funny and we be curious.

don't worry, she doesn't want to have sex, i assure you. i don't think you want to bring it up specifically, but now might be a good time to have 'the talk' going on for sex and puberty in general. she's not there all the same but she will be very soon, and if she knows the information is readily available from mum, she won't be in motion looking for it on the internet.

good luck and i hope this helps! Source(s): personal experience from a 16 year old girl
Porn does verbs lives, and it's also addictive, so you obviously can't (and I know you wont) encourage her. I don't think you should put the parental control on straight away, because she will find a bit frustrated and go behind your back. It of late restrains her, and she'll just begin to want it more. (She covered it so you wouldn't see)
I know this because I stumbled on porn once and became addicted to it at age 9. I stopped, but I have to do it on my own. I don't know if you should really talk to her about it, because it's definitely awkward and I don't know your relationship beside her. If she is very close to you, then you can begin to report to her its wrong, but I wouldn't talk about "the birds and the bees" just nonetheless.

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