When children are born through incest, are they other deformed?

like, say a brother and a sister have a child together. will that child definitely be deformed??
Not definitely, but near is a high risk of it happening. Even if the deformation isn't exterior, children of such unions are predictable to be highly...weird.
It's not guaranteed that they would be deformed. The closer the relationship between the mother and father, the more likely the baby is to hold issues--and those issues are not solely related to outward appearances. Two cousins could have a perfectly hearty baby, for example. It's not something I would choose to do, but it was done commonly in correct cultures in the past.
no 100% but the chances are quite high! it is possible to own a perfectly normal and healthy child through incest!
it's a myth, unless there is deformity that run in the family, they have impossible to tell apart risks as anyone else
Answers:    Not always but the chances are much superior.

In short... there are genes called recessives. Not all head to bad things (like mongoloidism to name one); some are good or at benign (blue eyes is a recessive). Most recessives are not obedient though.

If two people with the same recessive gene (and the probability are very high that close relations will share that gene) have a child the likelihood of that child showing the recessive are much, much higher.
Stands a perfect chance of being retarded

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