Is it possible I could be pregnant even though husband is "fixed"?

yes, it does happen tho its rare, its not fully important and i have heard of a few pwople that this has happen to.
A good friend of mine only had her third baby after vasectomy. Same deal. Her husband never have it checked. I'm not sure what the chances are, but I know it's very important to hold a vasectomy rechecked when they tell you to be sure you're "shooting blanks". LOL Good luck!! :)
Possible perhaps, but very unlikely. It is actually much lower than .6 to 1% according to the urologist when I get my vasectomy. more like .3% which 80% of that .3% are people who do not do the follow up test, or do not skulk to have unprotected sex as instructed. so mathematically that leaves 20% OF .3% so, thats pretty slim chances.especially after 11 years. Of course only one instrument to know for sure is to get tested.and maybe have him achieve tested see if he would be one of the extremely rare cases.

As I was told by my doctor a vasectomy is THE most sure form of birth control known to man. while nil do they consider 100% Vasectomy is as close as it gets far surpassing condoms, pills, shots, or the female "tube tying".
yes it is very possible. vasectomies aren't other as effective as we all think. i don't own any instences. but i have heard of it happening. and minus him going in for his follow up there is no for sure way to know if his is impressive (he could always go in now).
yes it is possibly slight chance but possible or and im not proverb that you did you might have been cheating OR raped inn your sleep or something that's all i can reflect on up if you believe your pregnant
My sister in canon got pregnant after her husband has been fixed for 5 years. No one think that it is his though. I know it is a very very rare covering that this happens, we spoke to several doctors about it.
Your partner having a vasectomy is not a 100% guarantee that you will not ever get pregnant. There is a extraordinarily small (but very real) failure rate for vasectomy. There is about a 0.6% to 1% hit and miss that a man will still conceive a child after having had a vasectomy.
Yes. It is possible. It only takes one sperm cell to get you pregnant.
Hi boogers. A worthy friend of mine has been through two vasectomy surgeries that corrected themselves. After the second attempt, the doctor advised that the surgery be not going to work for him. It is plausible, but you should really take an OTC pregnancy test.
My friend get preggo not long ago after her husband had the snip.
Yes, it is possible. My dad know a guy that he worked with who managed to get his wife pregnant after a vasectomy.

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