Does every woman bleed when they lose their virginity?

No. It's not always painful either. However, in that is like a 73% chance of it happening. An we can merely judge by knowledge, skills, and preferences.
NO. Some women who are physically active break the hymen while engaging contained by physical activities.

Men really don't know if you are a virgin or not. Although, the opening of the vagina is tighter on virgins.
men dont know. and not every girl bleeds.
not all women do and for some women its not even painful but for a guy they basically kind of know by the ok this is TMI but tightness of the vagina no girl is as tight as a virgin
I did not bleed and it did not hurt neither, my experience. I remember noticing an expression in my partner's face when thorough, maybe he noticed it, was long time ago, not my boyfriend unfortunatly but i'm glad it transpire with him
No. Not adjectives women bleed. You can break your hymen way before your first sexual encounter.

Men really have no mode of knowing.
I like bare stripped ladies.
I could always communicate if they were virgins or not. And not every lady, but probably most. I always have bleeders, so I'm just guessing some wouldn't.
no...every woman is different.
No, most women don't bleed the first time. And there's no way for the man to know whether or not she is a virgin other than just asking her.
yes but not a lot and some never know
no not adjectives girls bleed when they loose their virginity... i didnt, and i suppose men know if girls r virgins or not depending on how tight the girl is..
No, not everyone bleed. Men know by seeing if their hymn is broken or not.
they don't usually bleed during sex their first time, and there isn't really a path to know
Some girls break their hymen in accidents as a child.
No, not everyone. I didn't, and none of my friends either.
And guys don't know.
Not if she is a hermaphrodite.
most girls doooo.
and the "cherry" is visibleee. :] Source(s): experience.
I didn't bleed when I lost mine.
I didn't and I dont think you can know. Just have to cart their word
depend but usaly yes
It all really depends on if you already broke you hymen or not. hymen can break by just doing regular everyday events or during a ladies first time. Source(s): my girlfriend loves to tell me all about it...
well NOW guys know girls blleeeeeeeeeeeed
no every woman is different, there is no course to know if you will bleed or not.
the more sex you have the looser you will get that is how they will be capable of tell
depends how tight it is..

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