1/2 Puerto Rican 1/2 white kid girl identify?

My husband and I have been thinking about infant names. Our little girl is due at the beginning of September.
My husband and my in-laws are all 100% Puerto Rican and I'm whiter than white can bring back. My mother in-laws middle name is Maria. My grandmother's first name is Dolores, but my grandpa calls her "Dee".
Hubby like the name Karla. Carla with a K... something to make it creative.
I want something that ends with the "y" or "ie" sound.
Our last nickname is Robles. Pronounced row-bless.
I've been thinking about names profusely lately, and I came up with Karli Dee Marie Robles. (Carly D Marie Row-Bless) <pronunciation.
What do you think? Those are the solitary names I will accept. It can be in a different directive though. I like that name because it has his side of the relations and part of my side of the family in it. I already promised my grandma that Dee would be contained by the name.
What are your thoughts?
I was thinking matching thing.The only difference is even though some people may conjecture Dolores is dated I think its very pretty.Not to mention every Dolores I've ever known hold all had awesome personalities...so readily that influences my thoughts on that name too.So how about Karly Marie Dolores Robles?

LMAO!...Hey Bill ! You're stupid and a bigot what a waste of space! Puerto Rico is segment of the United States.LMAO! From a True Native.
I like the dub. Is Dee the middle name, so there's two middle names or is Dee part of the first autograph, like Karli-Dee? I'm assuming theres two middle names and if thats correct, then i really resembling it. If Dee is part of the first name, I don't like it and would recommend have 2 middle names.
The only thing is I'd spell Karli Carly or at least possible Karly. The K AND the "i" at the end makes it a little adhesive, in my opinion.
Answers:    I know you won't accept any other names, but I honestly prefer Karla Dee Marie Robles. Karli Dee Marie is too much - adjectives three names rhyme, and I think the name would flow profusely better of you had a name which didn't end within a 'y' sound to break it up a little. Even if you do like name which end in a 'y' sound, you already enjoy Dee and Marie! Either way, I think the name flows best surrounded by the order you have it in - I regard it's a nice idea to include both sides of the family in the heading, but I would consider altering the first name slightly - the name would flow so much better. :]
Cristina Maria
karli-dee-marie is approach too much rhyming. It sounds ridiculous.
I think your idea is perfect! I presume the way you have it sounds beautiful!
OMG! My friends family connections is half puerto rican half white. They had a daughter name Peyton Rose
I love it! :) Very cute!
Borderhopper-***'s a pretty good one =)
I own to say that I think Karla is nice, but Karli is not. Karli just sort of seem like a stripper name to me, especially spelled with the 'K' and the 'i' at the extremity.

I also happen to think Dolores is a great name on it's own, in need being shortened to Dee. Dee is another name that just strikes me as a moment or two trashy- Dolores is more elegant.

The same goes for Maria! Maria is a beautiful, pretty name. My mother's name is Maria; why change it to Marie, which is so much blander and more adjectives? Maria is different, and it really shows off your daughter's heritage.

So, in conclusion, I vote for Karla Dolores Maria Robles. It's a beautiful given name! Good luck with whatever you choose. :)
karli isnt really a pretty name.
i like karla
and i like name that end with y or ie
but it just doesnt work wen u put it together
sorry =\

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