Do you similar to this identify - Judy?

I'd be interested to hear if people like or dislike this name. Also, if you approaching it, what do you like about it? If you dislike it, what do you dislike about it?

What sort of party could you imagine with this name?

gratefulness! i'm not pregnant...just curious!
Hey, I don't like this name however It's better than Judith which is awful! How roughly speaking Trudy? I much prefer Trudy than Judy. I would imagine someone pretty and good-mannered with a name resembling Trudy.
I think Trudy used to be a nickname for Gertrude, but it can also be a name within its own right (coz Gertrude & Judith sound ancient!)
Then you have all these assocciations resembling Judy Finnigan, Judge Judy, even punch & judy lol no-one's mentioned Judy Dench??'s up to you if you like it or's not everyone's cup of tea.
I can't stand when people say they close to or dislike a name simply based on it reminding them of someone who shares that name. "I abhorrence it because it reminds me of an ugly old, mean woman approaching Judge Judy!" or "I love it because my friend is named Judy!" It's so silly!

Judging on the name itself, I personally don't approaching the sound of it - it sounds a little too harsh for my love. I think it's the 'ood' sound that turns me off, but I love the similar-sounding Ruby - travel figure! I know a girl named Judy and she's sweet and fun - but I don't care what her christen is! People don't like or dislike people b/c of their names, so If you similar to it, then that's all that matters. I propose, I know people don't love all the names I love, any. You can't please everyone!

Hope this helped!
Judy makes me think of richard & Judy which simply isn't good! it's plain and be horrid with a liverpudlian accent.
While this is my mother's name (Judith) and my mother-in-law's name (Judy), it doesn't really appeal to me as a mark that I, personally, would want to use - and I did consider it because we could then name a daughter after both of her grandmothers!

There isn't one grounds why I dislike the name - but overall, it just isn't my taste. I prefer longer, fuller name with nickname potential... I also prefer to leave the "y" culmination (eee sound) to nicknames... And, while I do love the older names, this one a moment ago seems so dated to the 40's/50's...

Overall - the only preconceived notion I have going on for a person with the name Judy is that she is probablly over 40...

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I hate it. Right away I think of Judge Judy. It's a short time ago a boring, old name. I picture an ugly, nerdy girl. Sorry if I sulky anyone! I'm just trying to give an honest opinion.
I like the other posters mothers name of Judith because you could think it on like a 28 year old and older whereas Judy is similar to 50+

To me it is perfectly acceptable for an older folks name but a baby? Baby Judy? Nope
While I hate to say it, it's not something you'd name a girl at the moment; names like Ethel, Mildred, Doris etc... Are stuck in a unquestionable point in time, and Judy, to me, is one of them - sounds like she's a kid, growing up in the 1930's (I detestation sounding stereotypical about it)
its an older name that not many people use amazingly much anymore. it used to be very popular. I like it becasue it can be shortened to jue but I dislike it because it sounds like Jude-y and i dont similar to the name Jude.

yeah, good for an outdated lady but Juge Judy is the top women!
I interpret an older person with this moniker - i personally don't like this name as it reminds me of Punch and Judy and that used to startle me when I was younger
I deduce it's cute.

Hope I helped! :)
Judy, make me think of Judge Judy or the author Judy Blume. Its not an amazing name, its okay
I dont like it - it makes me think of Judge Judy, a mardy prehistoric women :)
I like it as a nickname for Judith.
I like it. Lot's of nation don't though,so maybe something similar, like Ruby, Judith or Jodie. These are nice too! Hoope I've helped!

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no it sounds like an old female.
Answers:    I do quite like it! Not sure I would use it for my child as it is so similar to my own autograph. I like it cos it's quite simple yet strong.its different withour man weird or wacky!

I worked with a girl called Judy a few years vertebrae...she was reallly bubbly and friendly so I suppose I imagine Judy's to be like that! There be something quite punky about her too...I'd imagine Judy's to be a short time tom-boyish - fashionable and stylish but not following every trend!

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