What is the country that offer the cheapest rates for International adoption?

My husband and I would like to adopt internationally.
I have heard some countries own cheaper rates than others.
We both make decent money but would rather spend money on the child than surrounded by filing fees and other expenses...
How 'bout France - at least the child would be able to verbs links with his/her culture and heritage living with you

Pick one up on your next trip Source(s): How would you surface losing the cultural heritage you're so proud of
So after many many month within the past of my own personal research on not only international but domestic adoption, I can tell you that mostly as far as International adoptions go guatemalan adoptions seem to be to be the lowest fees.

Now that I answered your actual question I just wanted to incorporate a few things. Money should not in any way be the deciding factor here. I apprehend your point of you would rather spend the money on the child then the agency. Which makes sense. But if that's the baggage why not foster to adopt with a state program? Fees are basically non existent. Also when looking into international adoption you have to consider the dull side of it, in country's like Guatemala for example there still is greatly of coercion and shady trade in the adoption world. Along with that there is also the concerns going on for medical history, which in some international adoptions those records are nonexistent. There is deeply more to consider than the cost.
Answers:    I don't know the cheapest, but in general international adoption is not cheap. Usually $20,000 or more. Another item is that money is not the best criteria for deciding. You will have to help your child make out where they came from, and something about their culture so it is best if you enjoy some ties (or can build them) with their home country. Also countries have different procedures, requirements, waiting times, and types of children available. All of these are also important to consider. Do you want a childish child, are special needs okay, how much time can you and your husband spend in the country... all of these can be factor in choosing a place to adopt from.
Helene, someone mentioned Guatemala but you can no longer adopt from there.

Money is an issue anytime you adopt but please don't brand that what you base your decision on. Do your research. I would suggest www.rainbowkids.com. It is a great site that will give you country criteria as very well as agencies in your state that work in that country. I do not suggest you coming to YahooAnswers for any help.

Good luck surrounded by your search!
If you look hard enough you can find a coupon somewhere, perchance a 2 for 1 deal. Source(s): Sarcasm
Yeah...good luck finding that baby sale. If you can't afford the fees, you probably shouldn't adopt. Source(s): negotiate bin baby
I just needed to say that I understand what you're saying. While I own no information on lowest adoption fees, don't listen to the nay-sayers on here. Some people are just plain mean. Good luck contained by your journey to parenthood. There's the perfect child out nearby waiting for you.

Have you considered the foster-to-adopt system in your state? That may be a good place to look. :) Good luck!
Money should NOT be the deciding factor when choosing a country.
I've heard that guat-tots were good deal in the hey-days of free wheeling baby abductions and falsification of DNA test. In the past year I have also heard that the UN is making Guatemala crack down on adoptive parent inconveniences close to non-falsified DNA child abduction investigations.

You want cheap? Sorry, but you will need check your ethics at the door.

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