Can mothers find their child that they put up for adoption?

my mom put my brother up for adoption at birth and i dont know if it was an open or closed adoption but now he is 18 and i would similar to to know if we could find him..
do you know the tv show the locator? if you do then you could ask troy dunn who is the locator and he mite be able to find ur brother. if you do not know who he is next u could go on google and type in the locator-troy dunn...then walk to his website and ask him..hope it helps!
Yes they can and they do.

Good luck to you and your Mom :)

She wishes to put herself out there to be found

Have her check out this site for help and guidance on how to do this:…

She can also increase her chances by getting onto these registries, as in good health as any the State Health Dept may have (see above website for state-by-state details):

It's important to be on these registries, and to regularly check them but you can't rely solely on registries because many ancestors don't know about them so find a search group run by people who know the ropes

Here's a positive reunion story to cheer you up sadgirl x…
:) Source(s): Happily Reunited Adoptee from a 'Closed Record' State
call the place that your mother put him up for adoption and ask them.
or if you have any clue of the town he might be in then you could call the local police station and ask them for the address.
Have you talked to your mother about this? Does she also want to find her son? I'm sure she is the one that can relay you if it was a 'closed' or 'open' adoption. If it was an 'open' adoption, I'm sure your mom as some info.

Once you have your hand on some like many others here have done..especially since your brother is 18 yrs frail. Try Myspace and Facebook. If this adoption was handled by an agency and since your brother is 18 yrs old...I'm sure the agency will contact his adoptive parents first. Many an apar contacted does not necessarily bring up to date the young adult adoptee that his natural household is searching for him/her. Just be aware of that.
Please don't listen to anyone who would suggest finding your brother would ruin his go. It is a common thought some have that more often than not turns out to be untrue.

Yes, at hand are many first/natural mothers who have found their children even when they had drastically little information to go on. I don't know what information you have about your brother so it is intricate to suggest a place to start.

And in fact, I have notice that those who have a great wealth of information for searching hold not yet answered so hopefully they will catch this question and dispense you some good advice.

Of all the answers you receive, I would listen to those who own searched for and found the relatives they lost through adoption. Source(s): First/Natural mom reunited over two years ago with her son and had ample limited information to find him on myspace.
Yes, unless you live in a country without freedom of association you can find anybody you want. If your mother exchanged any indentifing info next to the adoptive parents she may be able to contact them and arrange a reunion that way. There are some very polite sites for searching already listed as well. If you know his identify you can try looking on facebook, myspace, tweeter,, and other social networking sites.
if it was a closed adoption no and if its been that long he any doesnt know or doesnt want to see you guys... i would wait for him to come to you. i'm adopted and it really hurts to know that your parents didnt want you. i mean i own always known my birth mom but if she had not talk to me for 18 years i'd say f*ck her
Yes, you CAN find him.

im sure there are websites and places you can call something like it.
but it is possible.
and many ppl have done it.…

heres an article to helpp.
Depends on the agency and the type of adoption. Contact the adoption agency she used they should be able to provide you next to more information on the process.
the mother when preparing for the adoption have to specify to the counselor whether or not in the future she wants to contact them. but for - then there's nothing you can do.

try to find out what she did - so u can pursue
well if you go to the adoption agency and speak about them that your brother was adopted and then endow with them your mother's full name. then ask for the address in which your brothers' adoptive parents live.but first find out if it be open or closed adoption.
no usually in adoption agencies dont show to any one who adopted him or any type of information sorry but it will eb dificult for u to find him
but good luck near that...!
Can't you ask your mother if she know who adopted her son?
What all do you know about him? You need to put that out at hand and a way to get a hold of you like email etc.
Answers:    My Mom found me!

Well, we sort of found each other. I was registered on every adoption-related (and even general) query and reunion site and with every such organization (not necessarily online) that I could find.

My Mother found one of my postings on a website that she linked to from an online radio show -- it have been there for about 18 months at the time although I have been searching for more than 14 years by then. She contacted me indistinguishable day she found my posting and I contacted her back the same dark. :-) (And, as they say, the rest is history...) We have been reunited for almost 5 years in a minute and I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life. We enjoy spent time together in person on many occasion (despite living more than 2100 miles apart) and have vacationed together, too.

I wish you the best of luck in your rummage through for your brother and if your Mom wants and is willing to participate... it will be that much better.

There are no guarantees contained by reunion except that you will know what you didn't know before... that was good ample for me. I knew that no matter what the outcome I had to do it. I know that I HAD TO KNOW... no matter what else came of it. I knew it would be worth it.

Hopefully, you will find your brother vastly, very soon. I know it will not take you as long as it took me because people did not own computers in their own homes when I started and average citizens had never even considered, let alone hear of, the "world wide web" or "internet." (Yes, I'm old... LOL!) Also, I didn't know just how frequent other adoptees, like me, were out there inquiring, too, and I didn't ask for any help or resources. *sigh*

Take care and God speed your reunion! Source(s): 36 year old reunited adoptee and social worker.
Yes, I found my daughter in 2001 with the serve of a search angel.
You could always call the place that she put your brother up for adoption if you mom doesn't know were he is unsurprisingly...
you could, everything is possible, but. i wouldn't, it's just not fair to ruin his vivacity now... then again, if he wanted to be contacted, he would find you!

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