How can I locate pregnant girls who want to put their unborn child up for adoption?

Contact an adoption agency and they might be able to point you at the right direction. Source(s): Meg Dilts, Editor
Go through the Foster Care System, there are so many children that are contained by the system..
You can bond and love an toddler or older child.
Why do you need a pregnant girl? Aren't nearby enough living children that need adopting?
You can sign up for parent profiles (adoption profiles) online. There are a lot of sites. Just do a google scrabble or ask your attorney which one he prefers. A friend of ours sent out a flyer to all her friends and family. She still keeps contained by contact with her daughter's first mommy (biological mommy). We still keep in touch near ours. Our daughter's biological mommy walked into our social worker's office and asked to see profiles. There are also agencies that put adds within the phone book and online that people who are pregnant and unable to raise their little one contact them through. Just enlighten everyone you know that you would like to be a parent because you never know who knows who. First thing is you have need of to search in yourself and see if being pregnant (mommy to a biological child) is more substantial or being a mommy (with no biological connection). Being pregnant was never important to us, and when we found out it wasn't going to begin without fertility treatments, which is still not a guarantee that you can get pregnant, we never did treatments. Yet, some of our friends did and have have babies. Each family is different. We did not have to have a child look approaching us to love so we didnt care about the "me carry a babe part". You will go through counseling with a social worker before you adopt. They must know why you want to adopt and how you discern about adoption so please be sure you know what is important to you before you start googling for adoption profile sites. Good luck.
Cant Stop, I dont think you should hold reported her. She states very clearly in her question that she's looking for proposal, not trolling for birthmothers on this website.

I think it would be really hard to locate a birthmother on your own. You need to attain a homestudy done in order to adopt, the social worker who does it can make suggestions to you roughly what type of adoption would be best for your family. Know that adoption doesnt cure infertility & adoption is not second best or a replacement for the birth child you cant have. It sounds like you've thought in the order of that though.
Adopt through foster care. In the meantime, have some morals and stop trying to little one snatch a vulnerable pregnant woman. No one owes you her baby. I sincerely hope that you don't get your hand on someones baby. Source(s): Hate vultures like you!
Not here. This is NOT the place for newborn hunting. It is illegal, and against yahoo's terms of service. Its actually relatively disgusting to troll for babies, but I see you're posting in the pregnacy section, too. Guess your "adoption attorney" told you to do that, too? Seems like for adjectives the money you're going to spend buying a newborn, the attorney would do that for ya. You've been reported. Source(s): disgusted
you're not going to carry advice for this question on this forum lol you're only going to be crucified. Get the body armor out!

i agree near Marie below as well. would've been better to educate roughly the process instead of just reporting and turning her off. I guess now she'll singular get the view of the adoption agency.
Why would you want to exploit a pregnant girl? Pregnant girls are not baby-breeders for the rich. Pregnant girls have moms and dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, just like everyone else. They are young-looking women with deep feelings of love for their babies and who involve a little support to be good mothers.

The reason that you can't find your little newborn breeder is that 99.9% of the "girls" who get pregnant have families who do not want their bright family member to go on the adoption bazaar to be purchased by strangers.

My advice is to look at foster care for children who already need homes and not create a broken home and more broken heart. Source(s): Entitled much? The Era of Mass Surrender is over - move on.

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