How do you put a teen up for adoption?

Okay, no questions, just answers. I'm getting tired of everyone's BS.

So.How DO you put a teen up for adoption? Where do you call, do you sign papers, lawyer, anything? If you can, send a link.
Can you do that over the internet??..

Are you serious. If you put a teen up for adoption they will end up in the foster system and probability are he or she will never be adopted. He or she will always be alone. Most people adopt try to adopt young children so that puts your childs chances of finding a home really low. If you are determined to do this maybe you enjoy friends or family that might want him or her that way your child doesn't end up stuck within the foster care system. Please just think almost it.
You go to DSS and let them no that you no longer want to care for the child and sign over your parental rights. They after take the child and place them in to a foster home. But, teens dont typically get placed surrounded by 'forever' families so they will stay in foster care until 18 and next basically get booted out with no money and no where on earth to go, essentially.
Please dont put the issues you are experiencing with your child on to a foster family. It would be wiser, if you arent getting along or the child is breaking the imperative, to provide tough love and call the police. Or, if you arent able to afford to care for the child, look within to programs to help suppliment your income etc.
I am a adopted parent ,of 3 children we adopted as teens ,Im not sure why you want to put your child up for adoption as a teen ,BUT you can ring up your local social services or take him/her there tell them the idea ,,they can take him/her off your hands..
The hardest age range to adopt is the teens ages. Call family service and tell them you want to place a pubescent for adoption, I guess.Papers need to be signed, you need a lawyer, conceivably a counseling apt or two may be Required.

The only BS I'm reading here----"Can you do that over the Internet"??
That's,,, illegal,,,,,,,, awkward moment,,,, I basically have to ask,,,,, y?
If it's a teen, you could probably purely have them emancipated, and they can figure it out.
Talk to a family legal representative, just use Dex or Google to find one in your area. Call them presently, I think they have office hours.
I think it wishes paper work.
Before answering this one, I would just love to learn the motive that triggered the question.
Answers:    It depends, if you already have someone who requirements to legally adopt your child (the child's step-parent, family member, or house friend) then you can contact an adoption attourney who can handle the adoption.

However, if you are just wanting to "place" your juvenile for adoption it will be a lot more difficult. First of all, it is very frozen to find adoptive parents for teenagers, and while some private adoption agencies will try to find adoptive families for older children this usually means toddlers and youthful children, not teenagers.
You can contact the Dept. of Social services in your area, but it's not as easy as signing some papers and purely dropping your child off with them. Often if you relinquish your rights to your child over to the state, you can face child leaving charges as well. Also realize that the fostercare system is already over crowded, especially with teenagers. If you do this then your child will be placed any with a foster family, or go into a group home. Some are amazingly good, some are very bad, but once you relinquish your rights you will no longer enjoy any legal rights to your child, and neither of you will have ANY say surrounded by where he/she is placed.

Since it's unlikely an adoptive home will be found at this age, your child would likely bounce around from one home to another until age 18, and then be completely on within own.
I truly have no idea.
You seriously want to bequeath your kid up over the internet? Your kid will be better off without you...grow up and be a parent,get some psychoanalysis.
WOW I feel sorry for that teen
It's a well-mannered question. I guess it works the same as normal adoption with children. Just to go to an adoption agency and they will help you further here

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