What is the maximum age you would adopt a child i.e. elder than an infant?

I know that most people prefer adopting infants,but some people adopt elder children.Some also adopt teens.
7 probably. Maybe a year or two elder for the right child. It's definitely hard to just "bounce into" parenting a teenager.
I will probably never adopt. If my future spouse or I prove incapable of have children I'll likely just have my dogs, and treat them as my children. If have children just became an obsession, my boyfriend (he's a long-term boyfriend, not freshly the "flavor of the month" or anything) and I have discussed fostering to adopt.

Given what I have learned roughly speaking adoption from my boyfriend's experience (he is an adoptee), I would have a hard time adopting a child at adjectives. If ever, I think I would prefer to adopt a child or sibling group that could cognitively understand what adoption was and why they be being adopted.

My boyfriend was adopt at 1 year 6 months, at the peak of his "stranger-fear period" (read up on child development for more info on this). I remember his a-parents telling me nearly how the first day they had him, all he did be scream and cry and throw tantrums. In contrast, his 6 month old half brother adopt at the same time was a little angel, and apparently be compared to a "sack of potatoes", sleeping heavily in whatever arms he was placed contained by. This is a stark contrast from my boyfriend. From what else they have told me about his childhood and adolescence, he did not bond to them when they picked him up; he did not bond to them within childhood; by adolescence, they hadn't bonded to him either and overall everyone detested each other. As a little one they simply left him in front of the TV to play video games...an 18 month old?! As a child he would regularly get into arguments with his parents and fights beside other children, so he would be shut into his room and grounded for unreasonably long periods (months). By the age of 10 he had already been exposed to pornography and wrong drugs (where were the parents?!). By adolescence he displayed symptoms of ADHD, oppositional-defiant disorder, and depression. He was also sent away for nearly two years to a home for troubled and orphaned children. He still is symptomatic of depression and have admitted to having issues with trust and morale of abandonment. Contrast this to his brother now; his brother is heavily and obviously favored, still lives at home on mommy and daddy's dime, get what he wants when he wants, and generally have a good relationship with his a-parents. Coincidence? I think not.

If you are interested to know, they are presently in reunion with their first mother. My boyfriend is steadily getting to know her, as well as his new-found partially siblings. His brother has stated that his a-parents are his "only real parents". I am unsure how his relationship is progressing next to their first mother.

In their case, age played a significant role in the "success" of my boyfriend and his brother's adoption. I can see why most people prefer infant adoption. Does that change my opinion? Absolutely not. I disagree fundamentally with the coercive technique used in infant adoption and I refuse to contribute to or be a part of that. I am a firm counsel of family preservation or adoption within the family (if the little one absolutely cannot stay with its mother). Young, single, or otherwise "incompetent" (sarcasm) mothers should not be expected to meet the childbearing requirements of the rich white infertile couples. They do not "owe" their baby to anybody.

Anyway, so there is my opinion. If I be looking to adopt it would be older children (including teens), and through fostering to adopt. Some may disagree with my opinions, but they are my opinion and I have every right to them.
Answers:    10. I'm 28, so I am trying to keep a relatively reasonable age difference. Other ages are considered, mind you, but our worker made it pretty clear that she would not even be totally comfortable placing a child with us that be over 10, unless it was extraordinary.

I would love to foster/adopt teens at some point in my life. When I worked beside kids, I was generally working with big needs teens. I don't know why, but I am good with that age group. I never expected it...I expected toddlers and the approaching to be my forte. I do love them, but for some reason, many teens seem comfortable near me, and I seem to be able to get through to lots of them for some reason. Source(s): soon to be adoptive mom - foster care
There are SO MANY children surrounded by America, alot of them who are part of our foster care system. Many of them will have heated problems for the rest of their lives. It really depends on what you are willing to deal with. My husband and I are both adopt and we have both given up a child each for adoption. I was adopt at birth, my husband was adopted when he was elder. He remembers his birthmom, I do not. I have always had a call for to find my birth mom and he hasn't because he grew up with her and knows about her, I know nought. I can tell you this, when you adopt young there is smaller number emotional damage to the child, but also there are so several older kids in foster care person mistreated, believe me I know because my children were in foster care for 2 weeks next to a lot of other kids, they were mistreated and the foster mother did not speak english, so my kids were not competent to communicate with her. there are alot of older kids who sit surrounded by their foster homes, dreaming and wishing for a family to call their own. It be not their choice to be in foster care, all they want is a loving home and a place to phone call their own and parents who will love them. I hope this helps. Good luck
The maximum age I would adopt is 6.
My family and I hold been talking about adoption.
We would adopt a 9-11 year aged boy I'm guessing.
Since there are already two teenage girls in the house we don't want to jump through raising a whole child.
But we wouldnt adopt a boy/girl older than myself or my sister.
We are adopting two boys, the oldest will be 10 the week we get him. We put 11 as the oldest age we would adopt this time around. But that is just because we still have childlike children. Later in life, when my kids are grown, I would be willing to adopt a teenager. Probably 16 being the oldest.
Since our youngest child is 4 years old, I would only adopt a child younger than that.
I am a big believer surrounded by keeping the birth order.
17. but I'm younger than that myself so...
If I were to adopt then I would be looking at 5 - 14 age group so oldest 14.
as young as possible after their first complete checkup and blood work for genetic problems.. I"m going to be honest here-I wouldn't have ever even considered adoption if I hadn't be under the impression that I was infertile for several monthes-long adequate to actually begin liking the theory of adoption, which I now think will fit my lifestyle and career better than biological children anyways. I wouldn't want to adopt in the past I made sure they were completely healthy, but I would want the whole experience of parenting, from infancy on.
i would voice that there is no maximum age
there all kids who have need of a home!
The maximum age for me is 5.

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