Orphanage Volunteering within Houston?

I would like to volunteer at an orphanage or something like that, does anyone have any perception that i can possibly do that? or any info of something similar?
Answers:    There are no orphanages in Houston, there are children's home. These are places where CPS places children who enjoy been taken from their parents. They are usually the older and hard to place children that stay within.

As a former CPS worker, I know that each unit had a volunteer that would do things approaching pick up the kids and take them to parents visits, drop off the paperwork to the foster parents, bring vouchers, clothes, and gifts to the kids. Contact your local CPS office if you are interested in that.

There is also CASA (court appointed special advocates) who spend time with the children who are currently contained by care. They get to know the kiddos, the families, and later when it comes to court they testify in the best interest of the child. They have a website: http://www.childadvocates.org/

Lastly, you can usually volunteer in hospitals (Texas Children's is a great one) to do things resembling read stories and crafts time with the kids who are there.

Hope this gives you a start to win looking for what you want to do.

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