In sims3 how do u put ur child up for adoption?and how?

if u cant can u plz tell me how to get rid of them thanks contained by advance
or, put an oven in a small room (smaller the room the quicker it is)
make an mature cook something inside the oven (such as waffles) and make them leave and go do something else. clear the child go in the room before or after and put together sure they don't leave. then once your adult sim have left delete the door. after a while the oven will catch fire and when it spreads so will your child.
or like give the brush-off it but it can do most things for itself i think so that will take a while. if it's a baby simply leave it if it's a child it will be quicker to do the first thing i suggested. Source(s): personal experience
Answers:    Oh I love sims questions!

I have the sims 3.
You can adopt a child from the phone menu but cannot request to hold your own child adopted.
An easy but harsh agency to get your kiddie sims adopted is to have social services come and pick them up. If you hold more than one child/baby sim in the house then the social will just run all the kids not just one.
Their needs hold to be in the red (hungry, tired etc) this sounds awful doesn't it!
For social to come quickly just put adoptees within a room and take away the door! wait a few hours then past its sell-by date they go to a better home.
Ignore the child's needs long enough and Social Services will come along and bear the child away.
Don't know sims3.

You can take your child to any hospital, church, social service organization and ask them to keep them. They will ask for some information so they can legally get the globe rolling but your responsibly for the child will end.
This question really doesn't belong within the "Adoption" section, IMO.
I pray this question should have been within the video game selection. Anyone who'd ask this question probably wishes to put down the video games and get professional help!

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