(15 - 17 year olds), Would you date someone who hasn't started puberty?

I have a crush on this guy who is 15 but hasn't started puberty. He is 4'11 and has a higher voice than most guys.

My friends are against it but I really approaching him.
How do you know he has not hit puberty? you should go for it within my opinion, unless he disrespects you... Just be careful when you turn 18
Yeah I would it's not his fault he hasn't started puberty yet.But he could have started and only be developing slow or maybe he's not going to get that much bigger.But I doubt that someone 15 hasn't to developing any.It doesn't matter it's not approaching your dating a 12 year old he's still your age.You could be missing out on a really good guy if you don't give him a unsystematic.
Answers:    GO FOR IT GIRLY!
I personally wouldn't..I think it'd be kinda awkward

but you similar to him so it doesn't matter.
it doesn't matter what anyone here says, if you approaching him, go for it. It's all you. : )
You do not know if hes hit puberty or not. If you like someone you like someone. The voice is not the word on if he has or not, dont embarrass this poor kid by discussing it close to this with people, someone will tell him, guys are enormously sensitive about this.
Im only 14 but it wouldn't situation to me as it if you like his persenalty not his looks.
If you really like him then you should. Your friends will get over it.
im 16 and i wouldn't date a boy like that.
it would purely look wierd.
I am not attracted to teens like that. I can't help but associate them with preteens.

But if you close to him, go for it.
Go for it,I would coz I know he's going to eventually fence in up
if you close to him go for it! Don't listen to your friends, it's your life not theirs. =)
as long as he isnt highly immoture , i f you really like him jump for him !
that is totally wrong to not date a guy because of puberty
its not his failing and if he's 15 he will be starting it soon
follow your heart
if you like him go for it
if you really like him then it shouldn't matter.
only if we were the same age and increase
but the guy ur talking about is half a foot shorter than me so plainly no

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