Average Bra Size For A 14 Year Old.?

Im 14 and my bra size is 28 and my best friends is 38..

I was wondering what is the average size for a 14 year old and what is your age and bra size (you don't have to say)

Thanks everyone
Every girl/woman is unique. Which means, nearby is no average size.
There is no average because at this time everyone's body is changing at that time. I am 15 and I am a 36 B, but that doesn't mean you have to be any. It's perfectly normal to be anywhere from still in a training bra to a DD at this age. You're varying.

* Also, even when you are a woman there is no average size. I'd say most women are about a B - C cup if you want to take technical but everyone woman is different in their own way and you shouldn't get the impression ashamed for the size of your breasts. After all, they were made for simply one thing and to be precise the nourishment of a child.
There's no average, really. It depends on your genes, but your doctor could probably predict when you'll start really developing by your height & solidity. Your boobs could either develop slowly or pop out.

I'm 14, btw.
Well you can't judge by that because different girls like the passageway different sizes fit.

For example two girls with the exact same size breasts. One girl might like a 36B and one might like a 32B.

It's adjectives about comfort and body type.

I'm 14 and I have a few different sizes. A few of mine are 34B and some are 36B.

It also depends on the store. Some run big & some run small.

Answers:    Hey,
I love your picture, Well one-sidedly I would not like to give out information about myself on the internet but near isnt nothing such as an average bra size but I think 26 is the smallest size bra for a 14 years old I expect
there is no :"average"

at 14 i was a 36B and presently i'm a 38C.i also gained weight since then -___-
i'm 17 in a minute
ok i don't no the average bra size but i no how to measure it:
fist measure your company size.wrap the tape measure around your rib cage rite beneath your "busts"make sure the tape is even and not hiked up in the subsidise.it should feel snug not tight. once your done add 5 inches to it.if the number is odd close to 29 than add 1 to make it even ~example~ if it says 26 than your tie size would be31 but that is odd so add one and it would be 32

subsequent measure your cup size around the fullest part.if the band size is smaller than the width than
~up to 1 in= A
~up to 2 in= B
~up to 3in.= C
~up to 4in.= D
~up to 5in.=DD
~up to 6 in. or higher i would say custom made =]

hope this help i got it outof a book!
There is no "average bra size". I'm 15 and I'm a 32 B.
Eurghh.telecast you perv

I don't know, I'm 13 (i'm big for my age, I look around 16) and I'm 34B
your saying yours is 28 that just means the inches around the chest to your put a bet on
there isnt an average
im 15 and 30A
There is no average bra size. It's different from girl to girl.
I'm 14 year old, and my bra size is 34C.
it's different for everybody.
don't sweat it, my boobs are small too. :/
I'm 14 and a 28AA
I really don't care though.
I'll have to examine you back coming to a conclusion.

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