My brother is walking around the house nude O_o?

Seriously, not kidding at all. My 14 (Or 15 I'm not sure) old brother contracted that he's going to sleep naked tonight, but there's still a while left till he goes to sleep so until consequently he's just going to walk around naked. And my mom is letting him!! SHE DOESN'T CARE AT ALL. She's totally ok near it. Is it just my family that's this messed up or are other people's like this too?

Poll: Have you ever slept undressed?

I'm 13 btw.
How do you not know how old your own brother is?

Just tell him, "I already quality sorry for your future wife who has to see you naked, don't product me suffer too." Then throw a robe at him.

Poll: When I was a baby or toddler, sure.
This is simply attention-getting, either caused by his own insecurity or a desire to anger parents and siblings.

If parents can't control him, they may be trying to fail to acknowledge it in hopes he will stop this inappropriate behavior.

No 13 YO girl should have to look as her brother nude. It is not one and only bothersome, it is unhealthy. His genitals are not meant for you and you have done the correct article to remove yourself from your brother and parents presence.

By no means should you tolerate his coming into your space in some stage of undress that reveals his body to you. This behavior could quickly turn aggressive if he is have some problems with his sexual identity. You would not be the first young woman assaulted by a male sibling who have never acted out before.

Perhaps some girl rejected him and he is feeling insecure or frightened. Maybe he has some sexual issue of late arising and this is an attempt to act out to gain some restoration of self-worth.

Do not tolerate him in your room alone until this behavior has disappeared. And, don't stir up it by trying to outdo him. Source(s): Counseling with young adults.
Eww...Can I come over? LOL JK. Tell him! Anyway yes, contained by 40 degree weather .
People in my family do that but only when nobody is home that's of late nasty. You should ask him why he wants his 13 year old little sister and mother to see him in the buff like that I'm sure that will stop him from doing it. Yes I have but I have my own house and individual do it in the summer time.
whoa. :O That's um...chance to say the least.
Actually it's a little improper. :p haha.
ESPECIALLY at his age...

Poll: No I have never slept naked. haha.
I usually wear shorts and a tank top. :p
If you are a guy, it is kind of abnormal, but don't worry about it.

If you are a girl, that must be pretty messed up. I don't know what your parents were thinking. You should save trying to convince them to make him keep it in his room.
No, i have never slept naked lol

But, i would ask ur bro to put some pants on, or ur simply gonna have to close your eyes..O_O
the certainty that your parents don't care is quite disturbing.

poll answer: yes, I sleep naked pretty much every hours of darkness and have for a while (it really is more comfortable). but I always wear clothes until I go to bed. Source(s): Me
take a picture of him and post it on their myspace
That's kinda disturbing.
Don't feel doomed to failure though, my dad goes around in his briefs -.-

Nope =)
i havent but i sleep with my boxers on only
thats so disturbing
and no, i haven't slept naked beforehand
vote "oh! so u are a guy!"
I have not slept naked however.

well tell him if he could stay in his room.
thats disturbing

not that i remember
noo bc if theress an emergency i'd run out naked-- WOULDNT WANT THATT

laugh it sour, it may be gross but...well nothin to do but ignore it and stay in your room lol

poll: I don't muse I have, too uncomfortable

but maybe she does it too & yall dont know it

so maybe she think it okay that hes doing it too
eww lol umm recount ur parents u dont like it when he does tht and how they would feel if u did that...

nope ive layed in bed exposed i cant sleep like tht cuz i end up with the covers stale me and ppl just be walking in my room lol
knee him contained by the balls.
Answers:    no underwear or boxers?

if so. that is creepy. maybe you should try it and walk outside to see if its okay to do that jk don't do that.

but specifically creepy.

maybe he will stop if you embarrass him. tell his friends, make fun of him. speak about him his willy looks weird.

tell him you think its chance you let mommy look at him nakie. his willy lol

it may not be nice. but maybe it will get him to stop. or freshly talk to him or ur mom and say it makes you grain uncomfortable
jeez...well newly try to ignore it,
maybe hes going through some puberty thing?
Disturbing, yes, but not much you can do. Just ask him if he could at least lurk around the house buttnaked somewhere else because you don't want to see his schmeeter flopping everywhere...

..if zilch happens, oh well. He's just you're brother, and besides, if you don't close to it look away because again, not much to do here...

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