Are here any appropriate magazine more young-looking teens? 13 years ripened?

I am looking for an appropriate magazine for my 12 year old sister. She always wants to read my cosmo, which is not appropriate at adjectives. I looked at cosmogirl, and they do not have subscriptions any more. 17 is alittle too old for 12-13... any help?
id read out teenvogue. iv had it since i was 12. its kind of for teens age (13 - 18)
My elder sister (20 years old) even took one of mine that had a article about picking out potential colleges.
Girl's Life is middle school/early high school. It's not inappropriate but it tell her about issues that she should know about.
Discovery Girls is probably the most appropriate. Definitively for middle schoolers. Each month they go to a different state and adjectives the models in the magazines are girls in the age list from that state. You can apply to be a model for your state which is cool.
17 Magazine really isn't inappropriate. I'm turning 14 and have been reading Teen Vouge/Cosmo Girl since I be 12. I'm not like a slut or anything either ha so it's not gonna turn her bad I swear. As long as she is season enough for any older content like sex, the magazine can teach her some things. Source(s): Hope this helped =]
There used to be a magazine call Young Miss or YM This was a great magazine and appropriate for her age. Not sure if it's still out, but you should definitely check.
TeenVogue.I buy it every month at the store!Don't go with J-14,TeenBeat(something approaching that,not sure),POPStar!,or any 'celebrity' magazines like that.Those are NOT celebrity magazine,they feature people I don't know(maybe your sister knows more roughly today's world than me),the dumb Twilight stars are in EVERY issue,and they are just boring.I love Discovery Girls and American Girl more than TeenVogue though.
Answers:    american girl
girls existence
teen vogue
I really think Cosmogirl. They had Selena anything her last name is on one of the covers when I went to borders for honour sakes! Of course they wanted 12 year old to buy it! If not, then BOP, J-14, Tiger Beat, or any of those other ones they supply at your nearest walmart
I read;

Pop Star
J- 14
Girl's Life
Tiger Beat

I am 13 so there's idas.
I used to have a subscription to Teen Vogue. I completely hated it. It had like no stories surrounded by it. All the pages were basically advertisement. I got so bored looking through it.
What about those young teen star gossip magazines? Teen Beat and magazines similar to it. I don't know the exact names but they have them in newsstands and bookstores.
umm, i would say m magazine, j-14 a little higher surrounded by age. popstar is for the younger ones too
Maybe teenvogue? I don't know if they have subscriptions, but that's pretty virtuous... not sure about anything else. hope this helps x
Popstar. That's what I bought around that age. They other had the best posters(:
You can try the gossip magz. Tiger Beat, J-14, etc. Or some girl magazine: American Girl, Elle Girl...
teen vogue for sure is a good one
For a 13 year old? I'd think a 5 to 10 round magazine would do just fine.
Girls Life
American Girl
Discovery Girls
All of these are age appropriate for your sister and I still read them even though I'm almost 15. (Hehe...) They're fun to read. GL is for teens in nonspecific, but it's much more appropriate for younger teens than some other magazines.
But jsyk, I read Seventeen and Cosmogirl when I was her age. I don't think it's indecorous. It's fun to flip through them. It doesn't mean she's going to use the info. Besides, the advice is good even if it's for elder girls. I liked to read them and imagine what I'd be like when I be an older teen.
But it's up to you.
i dun really know.
Girl's Life, Justine, Discovery Girls.
If she likes all the celebrity stuff, there's Twist, M, Bop, Popstar, Tiger Beat, and J14.
There are adjectives kinds of magazines about science and stuff if she like that, like Discover.

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