Average bra size for an american girl?

hey i was wondering what the average bra size for a 15 year old Caucasian girl
height: 5ft 3- 5ft 6
shipment 110-130 pounds

I'm 15
5ft 4 or 5
119 pounds
and a 30E
dress size 4-6 but mainly 6

can you please state your bra size, dress size, height and weight at age 14-16

thankfulness, ali Ox
I'm 14.
5ft 3
113 pounds
and a 36B
I dress a 6
Well I'd say probably a A or B is average, I'm not American (I'm Scottish) neither are my friend but most of them are one of those bra sizes.

Normally fastening size 32 or 34 I think.

I am fourteen, 5'7" which is 174cm, as of today (I just weighed myself) 8st 11lb which is 123lbs.

My average consignment is 8st 5lb which is 119lbs.

My bra size is a 34AA or 34A, I fit into 32A and 32AA I just prefer band size 34.

My dress size is a size eight or ten - mainly size eight though.

Hope I help! Source(s): Knowledge.
um im 14
5ft 7
108 pounds
and a 32A
dress size would be approaching a 1-3

im really tiny. so i dunno what the average would be..
im 16 years old
5'0(short because i enjoy stunted growth because of heart problems, and i have a short family)
87lbs(yes im light, but thats because i dont gain weight because of heart problems)
size- i hold no idea, i dont wear dresses :p in clothes im a 00 sometimes smaller... i usually shop in the kids departement :p
and my bra size is 34A
I'm 15 and I wear a 36B but I read the average bra size for a grown American woman is 36-38C. I'm 5'7 140 lbs, and I own to wear an 8 in dresses because my giganto booty takes up so much room lol
I'm 13 (but I went through puberty ahead of time than most)
97-103 lbs.
and a 31B
dress size like 2-4

But this BMI caculator said I am underweight, so I don't know if I am "the average american girl". But I am happy with my size! :D
Im a 14 year old british girl, I dont know why American is so important, but anyway

Im 14
110lb which gives me a BMI of 19.5 surrounded by the healthy wait range
Im a dress size 6 to 8 UK size which I have a sneaking suspicion that is a 2 to 4 American sizes and my bra size is 32 B which I think is big for my age.

I dont understand if you have such a big cheast how your clothes size is so small, surely you will want bigger clothes to keep your cheast in. Source(s): http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/
Height: 5 ft 3
Weight: 110-120 pounds
Age: 13
Bra: 34A
Dress size: 6-12
Im 17
106 pounds
0-2 dress size
E? i didn't know that was possible

Height: 5'6
Weight: 115
bra size: 32 D
Pant size : 3
Shirt: S-M
Age: 16

5ft 8
140-150 pounds
14years weak
Size 12
From UK
i would say in the B's, probably around 32/34/36. for that age range, yes it's an average size. ;-)
Stop comparing yourself to other people! And also, you dont nouns overweird. Compared to me, your only like 29 pounds more. Unless I weigh like 96 or something. And I'm single a few years younger than you. I cant state my bra size. But you asking all that makes you sound similar to a pervert. (LOL sorry!)
I have no idea, but on visiting stores within the States with my wife, the staff were all pretty conversant about 'Average sizes' etc.

Sorry, can't help more.
Answers:    i am 14
5ft 5ish
116 lbs
dress size 8/10.and sometimes 12! which i can not believe
and 30D maybe a 30DD now, i dont know
hai (:
im 15 and 5'5
95 pounds and
i wear a 28C
my pant size is 00
(idk what dress size is)
and my shirts are medium (:
i'm 5 2
124 pounds
i'm 16 dress size resembling 6 depends on the style of the dress cuz sometimes my chest doesn't fit.
Depends whether they're clinically or morbidly obese
I am a 36C. Big rib cage. :]
Um, 5'11
Dress size 10. It's not because I'm portly, because I'm not, it's because my family has big, prominent bone structure, which I love!
I'm 12
120 lbs.
dress size 6
the average bra size is probably big because they are all big fat monsters
I am 13
5ft 5
93 pounds
I don't Know.
30E?? okay in UK size's that's HUGE like playboy bunny huge. that's definitely not the average, im a D and that's big! the average here is just about a B to small C. but that is small really if you look at our parents the average size was a C to a D so why have this social group got such small boobs? i think its because everyone is more obsessed near diets and don't eat properly during their teens = don't get the right nutrients to grow properly (scientifically researched)
wellll im 5'3 109ish pounds and wear a 32 c
Well I'm not sure what it is for a teenager but for women it is a C cup. Source(s): Hah I saw that on MANswers
a 30E? thats means ur boobs are like bigger than my body!!. theres no mode that u could be 120 pounds and have boobs the size of new york.
this doesnt click
What is a 30E?
but for girls in america average would be 32A. lol i kid, i kid

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