How do i know if my dad is my Biological father?

i want to know if my dad is my Biological father without taking a dna test mabye a website online can help any one know of any
maybe you could have a dna test or something, or ask one of your parents, that'll be awkard
If you know where on earth your birth certificate is then you could try and sneak a look at that. Or if you can't think or anything else you could try a DNA trial but if you don't want him to find out that you want to know he is your real father then i don't know what you could do, sorry. I don't think a website would sustain you find that out either.

Another option is you could just ask him? Source(s): I'm THE brain
they have paternity tests at pharmacies, like CVS, Rite Aid, etc. Your birth authorization might help too. No website will tell you a real answer.
Not unless it say he is on your birth certificate.
Do the math/put 2 and 2 together. if that doesn't work, ask your mom how many partners she have.
Last Resort[but still an option]: Dna test
Straight up ask him and your mom! and if you're not without doubt positive, get him to agree to a DNA test. Source(s): recovered Maury show addict. :-)
Ask to see your birth certificate, although the guy you aren't sure about may be on near anyway. I think the only was is DNA i'm afraid.
Or newly ask your parents straight out
Answers:    Firstly, ask yourself: Does it issue? If he's raised you all these years, and he isn't neglectful or cruel, I don`t know it's best if you don't know and just continue to have him as you dad.

If he is a 'bad' father, or if you only want to know, look and see if you have any common features, physically and mentally. Look carefully at pictures of him from when he be younger, and compare him to you. If this isn't enough, ask your mother, or get a DNA test. could be worth a shot. It's probably only just a scam, though.;_ylt=ArHEch1ZOUsgbYM7vKr3h7F67hR.;_ylv=3?qid=20090710184600AAPo0gu
find out your blood type and his and your moms... if your dads type a and your moms type b and your o posotive... the you will know
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