Automatic rules for 15 year outmoded girl. (PARENTS only)?

If you had a 15 year old daughter, what are some automatic rules that you would have for her.
hmm. i AM a 15 year old girl but pretty reasonable. it depends what benign of rules she needs, like if she always comes home really unpunctually set a curfew if shes not responsible, but if she is then just make sure she have a cell and texts you every once and a while or once kind of an update of what she's doing. also i dont agree with homework up to that time fun if shes responsible, but again if she abuses the privelege maybe be more strict about it. my mom have to do that for me :) it all depends on the girl but seriously, too many rules will just drive her away and get her bitter. so many rules arent necessary, msot teens just want space and not similar to strict rules, thats just how they operate. soooo gl with her and go trouble-free. oh but dont let her have sex
she would have to keep her grades up to a smallest a C. There is no excuse for any lower. There are steps she could take to keep her grades up, after school tutoring and things close to that. No boys over to the house unless I approve them and they can hang out with the rest of the family, or within the room with the door open with me coming surrounded by to check what they are doing. No cell phone until she at least has a job. Her curfew would be 10 on academy nights and 11 or 12 on weekends depending. Homework will get done before she did anything, along near any chores she has. But as someone else already said it does depend on the kid, but these rules would be automatic for any kid.
It would depend on the 15-year-old and her behavior. Some 15-year-olds need more rules than others.
Come home from school capture your homework done than do part of your chores. No boys in the house while I'm not home. Girls are fine.. Room has to be verbs at all times. If you got a bf I want to meet him and obviously her father. If you go stay at a friends house I want numbers.. And you better have your cell phone turned on.. Be home at a decent hour if your running past due please call and let me know. And dress decent. I've get 2 kids..
Answers:    I will contribute you my rules at 15.

Curfew:10pm weekdays 11pm-12am weekends and summer

Internet: off by midnight, my mom had to be my friend on myspace in writ for me to have one.

Boys: I could date if I wanted to she just like to meet the guy first.

Clothes: Nothing slutty. I was able to wear container tops and shorts and skirts and bikinis.

Cell phone: I had no rules on my cell phone..I had 1500 text a month which be enough.

School: I had to maintain a C or better. Had to carry homework done before it was turned in.

Entertainment: I be allowed to see any movies I wanted to see, listen to any music, watch anything on tv.

Make-up/Hygiene: I was allowed to wear doesn`t matter what make up. I could shave.

Chores: I did my own laundry. Had to do dishes.

I think that about covers it. Source(s): And to the entity who said no texting because girls these days sext...
Are you kidding me? Try talking to your kids and trusting them to be clothed people.
Not all girls sext and your outlook and the way you knob it shows just how stupid you are and how you are just one of those ignorant populace who doesn't know how to raise a teen.
no one in the house when im not in that unless i know them MYSELF
homework first
if you are going to be anywhere, you will check in whenever i say, if its calling every hour then, its calling EVERY hour
if you grades are a mess, no phone
never a cell phone near text messaging or photos, cause girls are sexting nowadays, that doesnt tight your will
wear shorts under that darn skirt, lol
just to name a few

sry, 3 kids of my own

please answer mine;…
I am not a parent, I'm a 15 yr. old girl and here are rules my parents Have or I wish they had: tube set in my room
2.modest clothing at all times
-no dresses above knee
-no mini skirts
-no bra straps showing
-no stomach showing
-no tight clothing
-swim suit must cover butt, boobs, and no bikinis!
3.hold a cell phone on and with you at all times
4.must meet friends and parents back you go to their house time limited to 2 hrs. a week
6.homework MUST come first
7.sun you earn money half of it MUST step in a savings account watching movies that are rate more then PG-13 boyfirends until atleast 16
10.must do chores around the house and if they're not done you don't go anywhere.

I may only be 15 but these are adjectives rules I will give to my kids when I have them(after I'm happily married). I hope this help you put together a list of rules for your daughter.
At 15, I would hold very few. Be respectful. Be kind. Always let me know where on earth you are. But aside from that, I would give a lot of freedom.
1- hold on to a working cell phone on her at all times.
2- at 10 i'd have you take a self defense class lately in case.
3- if your having sex, or anywhere close, be on birth control.
save for that, and obvious chores, have fun being a kid!!
fashion sure you dont give her to many extra rules shes never had beforehand at this age you may drive her away
well, i have a 7 week old son, so this is something ive never thought of lol. Hmmm? at 15? i would read aloud, curfew at 10pm. she couldnt go outside until her homework chores, and dinner were done. she has to own at least a "C" for grades. the obvious stuff, no drugs drinking smoking ect. no boys over if im not home. and if i am, not in her room beside the door closed/locked. im sure i could think of some others :)

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