If i force myself into a split will i die?

not literally but
will i break a bone?
You won't break a bone but you could pull a muscle or dislocate your hip.
No you wont die,
I was trying to do a split one time, and my friend (who's a gymnast)

pushed me down, and my leg sort of popped. She said that's called 'popping your good leg' or something close to that, anyway it doesn't really hurt it's just sore the day after.

you may pull a muscle but not break a bone
Well, here are some things that you could do:

-pull a muscle
-tear a muscle
-tear a ligament
-dislocate your hip

It depends on how slowly you do it. The slower you go into it, and the more you stretch and prepare first, the less credible you are to hurt yourself!
Splits aren't that hard, plus it's pretty impossible to force yourself down because of the pain, you would need someone pushing you down.
Like everyone else has said, you can crack ligaments or muscles.

Try stretching exercises every day, followed by attempted splits. You'll get lower and lower each daytime.
Answers:    You'd wish you would die. Maybe dislocat something, but not die...

Lmao, as an ex-gymnast [lol, *feeling so professional*] DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF. Plus, I don't think you can, maybe you can force yourself lower than usual, but you hold to if you're going to get better. My suggestion is you just practise it a couple times a day, against a wall or something, and enjoy someone push on you until it moderately hurts...and stay like that for 30 seconds to a minute at a time. Make sure it doesn't hurt like, extremely closely...
When I tried to do one, my butt bone cracked and I swore I broke it. I suggest doing some exercises making you more flexible to bend resembling that.
You could pull a ton of muscles, you could dislocate part of your leg joint(s), possibly even rip skin. Or all of the previously mentioned. Whichever one(s) be to happen, it would be extremely painful and prevent you from walking for a while.
I don't know if you will break a bone but you may feel like you did.
LOL...i doubt you'll die...you'll probably be in alot of pain
No, I don't contemplate you would die lol. You can pull a muscle and/or tear tissue.
you'll hurt something thats for sure.
I know someone that forced herself surrounded by a split and tore some skin.
your question made me lol
you could end up contained by the hospital for a multiple amount of things that could go wrong.
Most likely something not so virtuous will happen (Especially if you don't streach first).. It may be your pants ripping, it may be a leg twisting, it may be a tail bone bruised :( Ouchy! Bruises really hurt, and i can't even imagine the cramp in your butt.
youll probably pull your muscle.
You could seriously eff up your hips. Like dislocate them, tear adjectives kinds of stuff, it's not a good thing to try.
Umm no
Yes, you will die.
you'll deff verbs your muscle or maybe tear a ligament
Not sure if you'll break a bone, but you could definitely tear some tissue in your legs and that would be pretty scratchy.
don't try it

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